Swan Tattoo Design With Deep Symbolism And Variations

Swan Tattoo Design With Deep Symbolism And Variations

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Swan Tattoo

Some of the most symbolic and striking tattoos that people can get are the tattoos of animals. The reason for that is because each and every animal on the planet has some sort of symbolism that applies to you. Just like there are all kinds of animals around the world, there are all kinds of tattoos that include them. The swan makes for a gorgeous tattoo. While some people desire more “popular” animals, those with the swan tattoo appreciate their symbolic tattoo for the qualities it represents.

About the Swan

Before you decide to get your own stunning looking swan tattoo, you can learn a bit more about this elegant bird. When it comes to the swans, there are six to seven different species. These species include the mute swan, tundra swan, whistling swan, black-necked swan, whooper swan, trumpeter swan, and the black swan.

It is a commonly known fact that swans are the largest flying birds that exist on this planet. Swans that are categorized as the largest can reach a length of 59 inches long and can weigh up to 33 pounds. These big birds average reach the age of 20 to 30 years, but there are some outliers. The lifespan of the swans depends on the species. For instance, the trumpeter swan is the largest North American swan and Swan Tattooaverages 24 years in the wild while it’s been identified to live up to 33 years in captivity. The black swan can reach the age of 40 years in the wild.

Swans are not only large and long-living birds but also they’re really fast. Swans can fly up to 60 mph, so there is no chance of getting away from them. You are probably trying to imagine the reason why someone would want to get away from these lovely birds. The fear of swans is called kiknophobia or cynophobia.

Swan Tattoo Symbolism

In most of the cases, the swan symbolizes the presence of angels in the area and a dedication to the spiritual side of things. This is more applicable if you find the swan to be your spirit animal. It appears as if the swan is always surrounded by a glow that speaks of inner healing and serenity when it is floating calmly on the pond. The exquisiteness and elegance of the swan can be breathtaking.

Most often, swan tattoos symbolize peace, beauty, elegance, poise, and love. The meaning of the swan tattoo depends on the design you choose and how you represent the swan.

In some regions of the world, the color of the swan is a symbol of light. Swan tattoos can also symbolize purity due to their whiteness.

Swan Tattoo Variations

There are all kinds of designs that you can use for your swan tattoo. Moreover, swan tattoos can be used to represent different qualities. Even though there are a massive number of swan tattoo designs, below are only some of the possible ways you can get the swan tattooed.

Black Swan Tattoo

The black swan tattoo is one of the most popular designs of this tattoo and can be used to represent several things.  Due to the fact that the swan is generally white, the black swan might symbolize the opposite of what the white swan symbolizes. If the white swan represents elegance, serenity, and love, the black swan might symbolize the opposite of that. There is even a movie named The Black Swan depicting a dancer that goes into a darker part of the inner self to get the part she desires.

Moreover, there is a thing recognized as the black swan story. This black swan story is a metaphor for a revelation event that comes up and has a significant impact on your life. It is often rationalized after the even it over with hindsight. The phrase is used since it was supposed that black swans didn’t exist but were later revealed.

Swan Outline Tattoo

The simplest way you can get your swan tattoo is through a swan outline. This design is a clean and classy looking tattoo that can be inked almost anywhere without being too flashy. The outline shape of the swan tattoo represents the same qualities but gets the message across in a smaller package.

Couples Swan Tattoo

The matching swan tattoo for couples is perfect design since you can show your love for someone with a stylish looking tattoo. When two swans are out together, facing each other, they form the shape of a heart. Frequently, one of the partners decides to get one swan tattooed on their body and the other partner the other wan, so when they put them together, the head and necks form the heart.

These designs are only some of the possible ways you can get the swan tattooed on the body, but you are always free to be creative and design an original tattoo.

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