Waterfall Tattoo Design: Meanings, Ideas And Symbolism

Waterfall Tattoo Design: Meanings, Ideas And Symbolism

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Waterfall Tattoo

Just like with the river, a waterfall tattoo is not an uncommon setting for Japanese-style tattoos, especially when it comes to tattoos such as the Koi or Kintaro.

Very similar to most forms of water, these cascades can be peaceful and calming or mighty and powerful. You can use it to either represent signs of beauty as the waterfalls are a sight to be seen or, you might be depicting an inner power that is as strong as a waterfall. They tend to be carved out of mountains, so when you see one, you know it has been there for a long time. Therefore, this tattoo design can represent wisdom. This comes from the fact that if you stand under a waterfall, you might be able to hear whispers from ancient voices.

Waterfall Art Designs:

A waterfall can make a strong, symbolic, and stunning tattoo that is a perfect choice for both men and women. It can be designed in many different and remarkable styles. Water, as one of the four basic elements, is essential because there is no life without it. It can either give life experience or deal out vast destruction. Too much of this element results in flood; however, too little cause death for everything.  In a spiritual sense, water ebbs and flows are very similar to our emotions. Some people believe that water symbolizes wisdom and the ability to change. So this means that balancing the water energies in and around your life is very important.  No matter whether your waterfall is situated in a tropical rain forest or scenic mountain range, these tattoos are very stunning and inspirational designs.

A waterfall tattoo is a personal mark that carries great meaning. It’s a symbol of overcoming life difficulties and obstacles. A Koi fish tattoo design, which is popular in Chinese and Japanese culture, can be incorporated into this design to convey perseverance, courage, and the desire to live a better life. No matter whether you’re drawn to the artistic design, or you just want a reminder of your bravery, these awesome waterfall tattoo designs will look marvelous on your body.

These tattoos possess different meanings depending on which symbol takes center stage in your body art. For instance, the Polynesian tattoo designs that incorporate waves symbolize fertility, life beyond, courage, and persistence. Whatever design you choose, it will look good on you and get you compliments and admiration from other people without question.

Ideas for a Waterfall Tattoo Designs:

Black and White Waterfall Tattoo

If you’re looking for a unique ink art that symbolizes life’s great adversity, then a black and white tattoo design is perfect for you. Placing the waterfall under the eye can be used as a symbol of the pain or hardship you’ve gone through.

Tiger Waterfall Tattoos

A colorful jungle tattoo symbolizes courage and the ability to face life with a head-on. Fitting for men who adore vibrant colors; this design of waterfall and tiger is elegant and fun at the same time. It’s going to look amazing on a man’s back with its large size.

Japanese Waterfall Tattoo

Men who admire Japanese culture or nature can get a beautiful Japanese waterfall tattoo to depict masculinity. The trees and mountains give this design authenticity that any tattoo lover will appreciate. The design can be done in vibrant blue color.

Waterfall Back Tattoo

In most of the designs, waterfalls are paired with lotus flowers to symbolize rebirth, success, and good fortune. If you include a tiger in the tattoo, which, according to Chinese culture, is a symbol of wealth, it will make your tattoo look vibrant and stand out.

Waterfall Sleeve Tattoo Idea

In the Chinese zodiac, a tiger is considered as one of the most powerful animals that have the capability of driving away evil spirits. There is no better way to represent this animal than in a waterfall sleeve tattoo. You are free to use more than two bold colors.

Fairy Waterfall Design

This fairy tattoo design is used to depict a beautiful Hawaiian island. The design is done by using vibrant colors and tropical flowers that add authenticity to this nature tattoo.

Waterfall Arm Tattoo

If you are interested in simple black body art, then a unique waterfall arm tattoo is just the thing you need to blend in with other tattoo lovers. The rocky cliff, Winding River, half-moon, and pine trees create a deep meaning for each individual.

Traditional Waterfall Tattoo

The traditional tattoo design is suitable for ladies who love expressing a deep meaning through body art. This tattoo design is colorful and striking, with the use of shells and vines to illustrate beach scenery. The adding of a mirror depicts truthfulness.

Buddha Waterfall Tattoo

If you want a traditional tattoo, then the Buddha waterfall tattoo will look good on your arm. This design is suitable for ladies who wish to express their religious views; this large design incorporates bright flowers and a blue colored motif.

Koi Waterfall Tattoos

In Japanese culture, a Koi fish is considered as a symbol of love, manliness, and passion. This fish is capable of traveling upstream or swim against current and waterfall. So, there is no better way to portray perseverance than through this attractive Koi tattoo design.

Butterfly with Waterfall Tattoo

Combining a butterfly in a waterfall tattoo is a good idea for creating a colorful and stunning design. When getting a permanent tattoo, the most important things that you need to consider are the meaning, color, design, and placement. You should also find a professional artist who can easily replicate the design you want.


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