Tree Of Life Tattoo With Different Meanings In Various Cultures

Tree Of Life Tattoo With Different Meanings In Various Cultures

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Tree Of Life

The tree of life has been an enduring symbol since ancient times. It is believed to originate in the Biblical account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Since that fateful day, it has been used to represent life and growth, both physically and spiritually. What you may not know is that this art design differs according to your culture, and nearly all the versions are commonly found in tattoos.

Tattoo Design

There are different Tree of Life tattoo designs that vary between cultures and even between artists within the same culture. Most feature arching branches and deep roots, with variations in color, shape, and design. The traditional design that is often depicted in storybooks and religious texts contains branches reaching for the sky and roots that run deep into the soil. Other versions, such as the Celtic design, are included inside a circle or feature roots and branches that intertwine to form an outer circle.Tree Of Life

The symbolism:

  • Power
  • Wisdom
  • Fertility
  • Life
  • Cycle of Life
  • Immortality

The Tree of Life has similar meanings across all cultures, but there are some subtle variations. Some ordinary cultural sense attributed to this symbol is:

  • Ancient Hebrews: In the ancient Hebrew religion of Qabalah, the Tree of Life represented the connection between man and God and the Universe.
  • Norse Mythology: In Norse mythology, this motif held the world of the spirits and the world of man together. The upper branches represented the heavenly spirits; the trunk stood for the earthly reign of man, and the roots symbolized the lowly spirits of the underworld.
  • Germany: In Germany, the Tree of Life is thought to guard the home and offer protection.
  • Egyptian: in Egypt, the Tree of Life is thought to be a sacred tree that grows beside a spring where the Water of Life is drawn up by the roots. A woman is often depicted within the branches to offer food and water to those in the underworld.
  • China: In China, the pomelo tree is known as the Tree of Life. It is believed that the spirits of the deceased live in the trees with the gods.
  • India: In India, the Tree of Life represents the relationship between God and his people. The roots of the tree symbolize God, the trunk represents the emergence of civilization, and the leaves represent people.
  • Modern Tree of Life Design: nowadays, these tattoo designs vary, but most are reminiscent of the Disney version.

Different Uses of the design:

Tree of Life designs can be found in artwork, on pendants, as illustrations in storybooks and movies and motion pictures. This enduring symbol crosses generations and cultural borders as the universal symbol for life and spiritual growth. It may be found in New Age literature, used as website headers and shared on social media.

We love the versatility and beauty of this design for tattoos, as it can be adapted to nearly any size, be as decorative as you please, and always looks stylish. These tattoo designs are ideal for both men and women and can be placed discretely on the arm or ankle or more prominent if you prefer. There is no right or wrong way to depict this famous image.

Ideas for tattoo designs and their meanings:

Birds on the Trees

Many elements can be added to your tattoo design, which might or might not hold any relevant significance for you. Since, in this design, there are doves that represent tranquility, you can add more elements that signify peace and prosperity or probably let the doves rest on the branches of the tree.

Anchor Shaped Tree of Life

There are various designs to choose from. You can make an authentic heart-shaped tree tattoo design on your chest or an anchor-shaped tattoo on your forearm. One more fresh idea is to ink a realistic hourglass tattoo with trees of life inside on your arm.

Colorful Tree Of Life

These colorful tattoo designs look lovely on the back where the area is massive. The addition of colors gives the tattoo a vibrant look.

The Open Eye Tree Of Life

In case you like keeping things a little on the mellow side of the spectrum, the black and white designs are just perfect for you. Here the tree of life design has not been overtly decorated or embezzled with various colors. It is a simple and yet attractive design.

Shades of Tree Of Life

This type of design is pretty much in fashion, and we can see why so. The watercolor effect is quite different from all the other designs. It is vibrant and may appear to be overwhelming for some who prefer getting a simple black and white kind of tattoos.

Hands Holding Tree Of Life

The tree is held in such caring hands, its representative of nature being nurtured.

Tree Of Life with Green Leaves

The green leaves on the tree represent prosperity and success.

Celtic Tree Of Life

The most amazing designs out of all the tree designs put together are in the Celtic pattern. This knotted tree is usually depicted inside a circle, representative of the world. The branches of this tree stretch up to the heights, and the roots spread to the world below.

Ever Changing Tree Of Life

The idea is that nothing is constant. Life comes and goes, memories tarnish with time, and the world continues to turn. Of course, we have the possibility to notice as new life springs up after us, whether it is the novel foliage of spring or the roaring of a child. These tattoos incorporate this notion of an ever-different, yet unchanging perpetuity.


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