Willow Tree Tattoo Meanings, Ideas And Variations

Willow Tree Tattoo Meanings, Ideas And Variations

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Willow Tree

In the world of nature, there are thousands of different kinds of trees, but not a single one is like the willow tree. This is a unique tree that even people who are not outdoor enthusiasts can immediately recognize. This is a kid of three that signals something mysterious and hidden. There is a deep symbolism attached to this tree, which is not the case with the majority of trees. This is the particular reason why many people love this tree. A willow tree is a great option for nature lovers and people interested in unique designs.

Generally speaking, trees possess a lot of symbolic meaning. This is why they are a common subject in the world of tattoos. It is easy to find a tree that holds meaning vital for you. No matter whether you are searching for a tree that symbolizes traits you wish to acquire for yourself, or you are looking for a tree that represents who you already are, you can find one.

About the Willow Tree Designs

The willow is a tree that belongs to the Salicaceae family of trees. The tree originated in China but can now be found all over the northern hemisphere, and this includes North American, Asia, and Europe. Willow trees are usually found near the bodies of water because they require a lot of moisture to thrive.

The placement of a willow tree tattoo is crucial since these trees are large, and naturally, the design requires some space. It is a common knowledge that this tree usually grows to a height of between 35 and 50 feet, but they have been known to grow as big as 70 feet averagely. The crown of the tree can reach the same size.

The other name of this willow tree is the weeping willow. This comes from the fact that when it rains, the water runs off the drooping branches and resembles tears. This is highly symbolic in many ways, and if you ask an owner of this tattoo design, they can reveal to you why it was important for them.

Another thing that is typical for willow is that it has elongated leaves that are white underneath but green on top. They also change colors seasonally, like most trees. Thanks to the well-developed root system, the willow tree is a very strong one. Very often, the root is bigger than the stem of the tree. That is why the root of the willow cases problems for septic systems, drains, and sidewalks.

 Tattoo Designs And Meanings

In China, which is the place where the willow trees come from, it is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. In other parts of the world, the willow stands for the idea of superstition and mysticism. This comes from the belief that the witches made their brooms out of the wood from a willow tree.

The willow tree is also a symbol of sadness. This is seen even from the name weeping willow, which represents the sadness the person with this tattoo is dealing with. While raining, the drops that run off the tree branches make it look like a sad tree, and this is another way for you to use this symbolism as a way to represent the sadness you are dealing with.

There are also some positive traits behind the willow tree. Thanks to its large, brown trunk, this tree is known to represent a sense of support, structure, and stability. The color brown symbolically provides a sense of responsibility and duty. The green of the leaves symbolizes fertility, life, and nature.

There is also a lot of references in Celtic and Christian tradition to the willow tree. One of the key traits of this tree is flexibility. Even though the willow can bend in some very awkward ways ever seen for a tree and still be strong and healthy, this is a powerful symbol for people who desire a tattoo that represents a spiritual path or recovery. This is how the willow tree symbolizes adaptation. The willow tree can not only survive some of the harshest of conditions but, at the same time, thrive.

Tattoo VariationsWillow Tree

There are some very creative designs for a willow tree tattoo, and below are only some of the many designs you can choose from.

Celtic Tattoo

To enhance psychic abilities, for a very long time, Celts used the willow tree. It was common knowledge for the druid priests that willow trees required water. The Celtic tattoo design represents a symbol of inspired imagination for those wearing this tattoo. They also looked at the willow tree as holding the powers of the moon and water. This tree provided for them a more explicit understanding of the world they reside in. It just looks cool to have this kind of tree tattooed in a Celtic style, even without the symbolism.

Watercolor Tattoo

There is a lot of meaning we previously mentioned behind this design, but the imagery just fits. The way the watercolor style flows and blends with its surroundings creates a perfect design for a willow tree. The branches of the tree flow downwards like a waterfall and appear to be in union with the watercolor style.

Willow Tree Blowing in the Wind Tattoo

This design represents a tribute to the flexibility and toughness of the willow tree. This variation is a symbol of the ability to adapt and survive. This is a perfect design to represent the hard times in our lives and serves as a reminder that we’ve done it before and we can do it again.

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