Brass Knuckles Tattoo Design: History And Symbolism

Brass Knuckles Tattoo Design: History And Symbolism

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Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are creations used for self-defense. They are in use for a very long time. The best material for making brass knuckles is aluminum. It is hard but lightest. The brass knuckles are a very controversial topic in the weapon world. Because of the legality issues and whatnot, they became a symbol of their own. The hazardous brass knuckles image is a provoking and well sought after idea for a tattoo. The following article is about this scary item.Brass Knuckles

  • About Brass Knuckles

During the American Civil War, these were weapons that soldiers used for self-defense. During those circumstances of close-range combat, soldiers used their brass knuckles. When they punched the opponent, a simple blast could result in destructive effects. At that time, soldiers made their “knuckles” out of different materials. This is why soldiers often carved molds of wood to place on top of the knuckles. They used the “knuckles” in order to avoid breaking their hand if they punched the opponent in the head. The molded knuckles are on top of the actual knuckles, creating a kind of a shield for the knuckles. A punch with these knuckles can be very risky. This is the reason why brass knuckles are illegal and banned in most countries around the world.

    Brass Knuckles Tattoo Designs

  • Love Thy Neighbor

‘Love Thy Neighbor’ is one of the commonly used phrases combined with the brass knuckle tattoo. The image of brass knuckles also comes as a kind of set of different weapons. This image can be combined with other weapons as well. For instance, straight razors, a switchblade, even a baseball bat. This phrase suggests that although you should be good to your neighbor, they should not forget what you are capable of. In other words, ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.’ The brass knuckles with other weapons, and this phrase on a banner in front is a popular design.

Such a cool tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Since it is a bigger image, so you need a spot where you have plenty of room. For instance, the upper arm and even the upper leg area are a great place. Some people wear this tattoo and phrasing on their chests. If you want, you can add color. Having blood droplets dripping from the weapons in red ink can give the graphic a livelier feel.

If the image of the knuckles is not enough, you can add other images. For instance, a subtle image of a rose protruding from the bottom half of the device is a good start. This makes the brass knuckles tattoo a little fancier. Moreover, you avoid making it as straight-up violent as some people may perceive it to be. Adding an image like a flower of some sort somehow evens out the look of the tattoo. Also, it makes it hold onto its actual toughness.

The combination of a flower and brass knuckles can symbolize that you are a delicate and whole-hearted person. This is until someone does something wrong to you. At that point, the hands start flying. This concept can also help set-up and transition the tattoo into a sleeve of some sort. It can also help to add to the tattoos that may be around this one. This tattoo looks impressive when done in the classic black ink, but you can also add some color.

  • Knuckle Up Spikes

To add designs within the frame of the “knuckles” is also an option. Sometimes, for a more efficient punch, the brass knuckles are customized. One way of customizing is to add spikes at the tip of the knuckles. This kind of idea is a different take on the brass knuckle tattoo itself. In other words, you are saying ‘back off.’

Another brilliant way of adding to the frame of these knuckles is the hearts. Instead of the circular shape where you place the fingers inside, you can turn the wholes into a shape of hearts. If you use this design in real-life brass knuckles, that will defeat the purpose of the weapon. However, it still looks neat as a graphic, especially when tattooed. Through this tattoo, you are sending a ‘punch of love.’

  • Love/Hate

L-O-V-E is another idea to put in the holes of the knuckles. The counterpart of ‘love’ is ‘hate’ that also fits well with the brass knuckle concept. To have brass knuckles with the word ‘love’ on the one hand and the other brass knuckles with ‘hate’ on the inside is an amazing idea.

As you can see, there are different ways of how you can have a brass knuckles tattoo. Moreover, each design carries its meaning and symbolism. One important thing you need to do is to find a design that works for you.

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