Cross-stitch Tattoo Design From Hobby To Artistic Movement

Cross-stitch Tattoo Design From Hobby To Artistic Movement

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Back in time, one of the most popular hobbies is cross-stitching. Cross stitching represents a mix of embroidery and sewing, during which a pattern of an X is stitched onto cloth or cross-stitch fabric such as linen. There are several diverse methods of cross stitching known as stamped cross-stitching and counted cross-stitching. Even though each of these methods has its directions, the final result is very similar. One of the crucial parts of cross stitching is the fabrics that are used since they ensure that there will be the same number of open threads in a square horizontally and vertically. This is also important because it shows symmetry in the pattern.

Cross stitch or sewing tattoos are becoming a new movement in the world of tattoos. Even though older generations are more familiar with this art form, the classic look of the tattoo combined with the fine point detail is an evolution for the younger generations that might bring the popularity of cross stitching back. Besides the fact that cross-stitching might not receive a big comeback when it comes to fabrics, but it may be the newest trend for tattoo lovers.

When you think about cross stitching, inevitably, you imagine your grandmother sitting in a rocking chair with her needles, which is a reference to a sweet home memory. Although these pieces of art represent the old artwork, the tattoos that imitate them are some of the coolest tattoos ever seen.

These tattoo designs are a perfect choice for you not only because they look completely different than any other style of tattoo, but also because they are very rare among all the tattoos in the world which will allow you to stand out with a unique tattoo.

Cross-stitch tattoos come in different sizes and can be inked almost anywhere on the body. For example, you can decide to get the cross stitch sewing tattoo as a smaller piece on your shoulder that will look classic and adorable. You can also get a bigger piece or an entire back piece that will attract attention. Another thing that adds to the originality of the design is that from a distance it looks like a mosaic or stained-glass tattoo, but as you get closer to the cross stitch tattoo, you can notice the uncommon X pattern that dominates the design.

Various elements could be inked as cross-stitch tattoos, such as flowers, fruit, homes, cars, animals like bears, foxes, and birds, and iconic symbols such as hearts and crosses. Every design that comes to your mind can be done in this style.

Another great thing about cross stitch sewing tattoos is the fact that both younger and older generations can get them to bring back a little of the sweet home memories. Even if you weren’t surrounded by cross-stitch artwork while you grew up, you would still fall in love with the designs and patterns that can be created from cross-stitch tattoos. But if you are a person who indeed grew up with this artwork, then this can be one more reason to look for a tattoo artist that can do a cross-stitch tattoo on your skin. This design represents a combination of old and new, which is an incredible way to stay elegant.Cross-stitch

As previously said, this is a type of design that can be inked anywhere on the body. If your wish is to get a smaller Cross-stitch design, then you can ink it on your wrist, your shoulder, your legs, or feet. If you are interested in to larger designs, a chest piece or full sleeve would be a fantastic way to express your love for this tattoo style. Because this is a relatively new style of tattoo art, you need to be sure that your favorite tattoo artist or the one you have been researching online can do this.

A cross-stitch sewing tattoo represents a unique way of expressing your love for cross stitch work while at the same time, receiving a new style of tattoo work. This design allows you to get your dream tattoo by embarking on a new style of tattoos. If you decide to have this design tattooed, you should get something with a special meaning for you or that your mother or grandmother might have made for your home. This would be a great way of maintaining some of your family heritage in the family instead of keeping the old dusty piece of art hanging on your wall. No matter which design, shape, or size you choose, you can be sure that everyone would be impressed by it. A cross-stitch tattoo represents a fun way of expressing yourself and a tattoo design that you will never regret getting.

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