Flamingo: Beautiful Bird Represented In The Tattoo World

Flamingo: Beautiful Bird Represented In The Tattoo World

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Flamingo Bird Women Tattoo

There are all kinds of birds in this world, and people who love them can pick their favorite to get as a tattoo design. Nowadays, the flamingo is one of the most fashionable choices, especially when it comes to women. The flamingo is the gentlest bird, and women love it. This stunning bird can be turned into a tattoo in so many different ways. Flamingos are unique birds that not only look great but also hide deeper meaning that makes it even more distinctive.

  • The Meaning of the Flamingo Tattoo

These are one of the rarest types of birds, so the first symbolism is its uniqueness. People who are original in their way can choose to get an amazing flamingo design to represent this trait.

This bird is also a symbol of weakness because it cannot adapt to different weather conditions. This symbolism is associated with people who are unconventional and firm to the path that they had chosen. To survive, the flamingo needs warm weather. In some cultures, it is a sign of the sun, and its pink colors are why people believe it has divine powers.Flamingo Bird Tattoo

The color of the flamingo gives some additional symbolism to the design. For instance, the pink color is tender and romantic, and it is a happy color because of its brightness. This is the reason why women ink this magnificent bird. It serves as a symbol of the feminine, romantic side. In the past decade, lots of people inked it as a mark for a safer environment.

The flamingos are considered as the best parents amongst the birds. Because they take really good care of their young ones, flamingos symbolize protection. This is why you can connect your flamingo tattoo with your family.

This tattoo design will always serve as a symbol of summer. At times, the only reason why people tattoo flamingos is because they love warm, tropical environments and add it as a funny protest against the cold winter.

§  Different Variations of the Flamingo Tattoo

The flamingo has a unique look and can be portrayed in all kinds of ways.

The classic tattoo design includes the realistic pink flamingo with its shiny pink feathers. However, there are tons of other choices that look stunning as tattoos.

§  Patterned Flamingo

This tattoo design is recognized as the most popular these days. It is designed in black and white, or just black, and it has amazing Indian or African motifs that make it look striking. There are many designs of the patterned flamingo that you can choose from. You can even find a blank design online and insert those patterns yourself since they can easily be drawn. The bonus part is that you can have fun while creating your flamingo tattoo.

§  Watercolor Tattoo

For many people, men and women; also, the watercolor style is the first choice for their tattoos. Nowadays, this is the most attractive design technique, and everyone wants to own them. Many of the flamingo tattoos are done in this style, and with their pink color, they attract a lot of attention.

§  The Flamingo as a Character Tattoo

If you wish for more fun and cute flamingo design, you can add accessories or choose a more cartoonish design. By doing that, you are emphasizing its meaning. For instance, if you choose two flamingos hugging in a heart, that means protection and romance, or if you add cool sunglasses to the design, that means you love summer.

  • Different Body Placements

Just like with other tattoos, you need a good place to ink your flamingo. These birds have a long neck and long legs. This is why most people decide to ink it on their hips and upper part of their legs.

These birds are also great for a sleeve under tattoo. If you chose to get it there, you could add tropical stuff like plants, other small birds, and flowers. Occasionally, people choose to get a small and simple tattoo design on their necks behind their ears or legs above the foot. This tattoo includes a simple flamingo that is easy to be created.

If you decided on the placement, the next thing to choose is the position of the flamingo. It can stand on one leg, sit, or even fly.

The most important thing to do before you make the final decision is research. You must be certain that the flamingo tattoo is what you truly want. If you are in love with the unique kinds of birds, you should consider getting the flamingo. The designs mentioned above are only some of the possibilities, but you can always create your flamingo tattoo. You can even add your meaning to your tattoo.

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