Sword Tattoo Design: Great History And Significant Symbolism In History

Sword Tattoo Design: Great History And Significant Symbolism In History

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The sword is considered as a powerful symbol. The reason for that is because swords are the weapons used to conquer and protect for centuries. Only later, in modern years, did people started producing other weapons for this purpose.

There are countless movies where warriors take their broadsword and kill all the hostiles. We’ve also witnessed it the other way around. No matter what was the reason, this weapon was used to kill an opponent. From Samurais to Vikings, a lot of famous warriors over the years have used swords.

History of swords

The sword was a weapon used in battle for defensive and offensive situations. This weapon is a big and heavy blade with one or two cutting edges and a sharp tip, set in a hilt, and has a handle. Usually, this weapon is secluded by a sheath or a metal case. There is one common belief that the sword is crafted based on the dagger at the beginning of the Bronze Age. But, it wasn’t until the Iron Age that the weapon was a valuable and helpful weapon.

Roman and Greek swords were shorter than average. The only difference was that their swords had two cutting edges and a point on end for stabbing. In medieval times, the knights tended to use a couple of different types of swords. Swords such as the massive two-handed sword with a dull edge, whose purpose was used with force while they had another short, pointed blade for stabbing.

In the middle ages, the Arabs in Toledo and Damascus produced the best swords. One of these swords was the scimitar, a curved steel sword with a sharp tip. Of all the words used by warriors over the years, the samurais were known to have the best-crafted swords. One of them was a single-edged curved blade with tempered steel set in a long handle.

Sword Tattoo Meanings

When it comes to the symbolism behind this tattoo design, there are a few different meanings; however, in most cases, the meaning is associated with its use. According to that, this tattoo serves as a symbol of authority, defense, bravery, strength, and power. These meanings are obvious since the sword was used for striking down enemies. This tattoo design can sometimes represent things of a sexual nature. It is a phallic symbol, while the case of the blade is yonic.Sword

Sword Tattoo Variations

Sword with Crown Tattoo

This tattoo of a sword with the crown is one of the most popular tattoos and is used as an emblem of royalty and domination. It is known that the king was also a warrior, so when these two are combined, it suggests the power of the throne and all the things that are connected to it.

Sword with Skull Tattoo

The sword and skull tattoo is popularly known to represent death. For as long as we know this weapon, it has taken many lives. When you combine this weapon with the skull, the meaning can be taken as a warning sign or story. The tattoo will show that death falls upon the sword, and the tattoo will express just that.

Sword with Angel Wings Tattoo

The sword with angel wings can represent a few different things. However, the archangel, Michael, led the angels in a war against the legions of Satan when he was still an angel. Lucifer tried to take the throne of heaven and show revolt against God. Michael was the guiding angel on God’s side that struck down the disobedient forces and famously held this weapon in all the imagery showing him.

Sword and Dragon Tattoo

Depending on the type of dragon chosen for the design, there might be a difference in the symbolism of the sword and dragon tattoo. However, dragons have long been a popular subject in tattooing, and their symbolism ranges from guard, power, knowledge, freedom, fear, good luck, and stability. Many of these meanings match the symbolism from the sword, so they seem to be a good combination.

Sword with Snake Tattoo

The sword and snake tattoo also has several meanings. For instance, both the snake and the weapon are phallic symbols. Moreover, by adding a coiled viper to this tattoo design, it strengthens the idea of protection, fertility, and pride. The snake has a status for not messing with you if you leave it alone, and the same thing is known for a warrior defending what’s his.

Flaming Sword Tattoo

The flaming tattoo design is a stand as a symbol of Christianity. It is believed that when Jesus was crucified and then resurrected, this flaming sword was taken from the Garden of Eden. In this way, humans were allowed to enter Paradise once again.

If you can relate to some of the meanings behind the sword tattoo or there is a hidden warrior within you, then you should consider getting this kind of tattoo.

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