Foo Dog “The Lion of Buddha”: Survival, Balance, Protection And Courage

Foo Dog “The Lion of Buddha”: Survival, Balance, Protection And Courage

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Foo Dog

We are sure that you are all going to agree that mythological creatures are awesome. They are so magical and mystical that we cannot help ourselves but love them. Although we are aware of the fact that we will never meet them in reality, there are certain things related to these beings, which make us feel like we cannot get enough of them. Movies, books, cartoons, drawing, and even tattoos – regardless of where we find them, they are epic and wonderful in every way. As we love these creatures, it is a reason plus why hundreds of tattoo lovers took into consideration getting a mystical design on their skin. Here, we will talk about the Foo dog or the guardian lions (The Lion of Buddha), which are present in the Chinese and Japanese culture.Foo Dog

These creatures were part of a lot of epic stories as heroes, villains, or sidekicks. None of them is perfect, and they are not always the good guys in one story. All of them have their lows and highs. They are not always happy, or they sometimes feel pretty lonely too. As a result of this, although they are mythological and fictional creatures, they still feel real in some way. For some individuals, they are much more than only imaginary beasts. More often than not, they become their tokens or charms for good luck.

Unbelievably powerful and adorable, these mythological creatures are simply wonderful. They make us feel like we could have one of them as our pets. However, some people don’t love them a lot. But, they are in small number.

  • Foo dog or the “Lion of Buddha” in history.

The Foo or Fu dog, which is also known as the “Lion of Buddha” is a lion and not a dog. The Foo dogs are also called guardian lions, and they are intimidating, mythical, and lion-like creatures, which are present across different forms of art. Such arts range from architecture to paintings and tattoos.

As they are the symbol of prosperity, guardianship, and prosperity, they are full of different meanings. Such meanings made them popular in Western art as well.

Since 208 BC, Buddhism in China taught that these mythical creatures have some special protective powers. According to one legend, their single mission was to keep watch over the temples of Buddhists. Statues of guardian lions are still present over numerous buildings in China, and ten more countries in Asia.

The teachings of Buddhists consider the lion as a sacred animal. Lions represent peace, and they even impact calmness onto anyone that bears their mark. Conversely, they even represent happiness and energy. They almost always appear in groups or pairs, whether it comes to a statue or tattoo design.

  • Foo dog or the “Lion of Buddha” tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.

The Foo dog is a creature that is rich in symbolism and history, and over the centuries, it had its association with several distinct meanings, which men and women choose as the motif for a tattoo.

Utilized extremely in Asian art, and tattoo art, the lions of Buddha, usually depicted in pairs, were his noble and divine companions. They protected the truth too. Originally symbols utilized in Buddhism, the Chinese royal family adopted them as the protective symbols, or to represent imperial strength.

Foo Dog tattoos are traditional for both Japanese and Chinese history. These mythical beasts, which are not even dogs, are a really common occurrence in mythology around Asia.

They are the symbol of good luck for the ones they have a connection with and even guard of evil. Those of you who look for a lucky tattoo design is going to do well if they take the Foo dog design into consideration.

Foo dog tattoos may even represent energy, happiness, and value. Another meaning of these tattoos is survival. The lion, on which the Foo dog is based, is a strong symbol for survival and dominance. In tattoos, we can see them in aggressive poses regularly, showing their strength and will to survive against everything.

As we already mentioned, the Foo dog finds its use as the symbol of protection and guardianship so that we can find it outside of buildings. It can even ward off evil spirits, or some other undesirables. A lot of people chose this tattoo design with this particular symbolism in mind. They either chose it to protect them or showcase their status as a guardian or protector in everyday life.

This tattoo design may even symbolize balance. It is usually seen in male and female pairs, representing the yin and yang. The yin and yang in Chinese philosophy represent the balance or interconnectedness of everything.

Prosperity and success can also be part of the symbolism of this tattoo. Because of the dominant nature and intense mythical power of these creatures, they gained this particular symbolism too. We can add the symbolism of courage here too.

What is your opinion about the Foo dog tattoo design?

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