Full Moon, A Lunar Phase In Tattoo Art: Transformation And Mystery.

Full Moon, A Lunar Phase In Tattoo Art: Transformation And Mystery.

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Full Moon

The Sun and the Moon are two different parts of our world which we all share, also the full moon is a very adored phenomenon. In ancient times, these skylights were worshiped as gods, and they were even believed to possess supernatural powers over weather, crops, and the fate of people. Even nowadays, in this secular world, the Sun and the Moon continue to inspire wonder and awe.

  • The Moon and its importance.

Our everyday life is touched and affected by the Moon, especially dark parts of life. That is why the Moon is a reaffirming symbol. It is our reminder of the consistency of all life when it constantly changes. Such changes also remind us of the infinite cycle of regeneration and recycling.

Flora and fauna dance in the lunar reels, enchanted by the wane and wax of the Moon. Crazy mushrooms sweat from her silvery touch. Oceanic mouths were closing and opening in a serenade to the lunar phases. And, those people that are linked-in with hidden powers of the cosmos are also prompted to bask in lunar rays for unique illuminations.

The Moon is also symbolic of the circular nature of life, even with karma, which is actually best defined by what comes around goes around. Some of the symbolic meanings of the moon include eternity, purity, magic, mystery, dreams, fertility, influence, strength, feminine power, and influence.

The most common and well-known lunar phases are New Moon and Full Moon. The New Moon lunar phase is when the Moon is lit by the earthshine only, while the Full Moon lunar phase is 100% illuminated disc.

  • Full Moon lunar phase.Full Moon

The Full Moon is the lunar phase during which the Moon appears fully illuminated from the perspective of the Earth. This happens when Earth finds itself between the Moon and the Sun. This actually means that the lunar hemisphere that faces Earth is entirely sunlit and appears as a circular disk. The Full Moon happens once roughly every month.

A Full Moon is an event that lasts the whole night. This is somewhat misleading as its phase seen from our planet continuously waxes and wanes. The maximum illumination of the Moon happens at the moment when waxing stops. For any given location, about half of the maximum Full Moons may be visible, while the other half happens during the day when it will be below the horizon.

The Full Moon has many names, such as the Harvest Moon, which is the phase closer to the autumnal equinox, or Blue Moon, which is the second Full Moon in one month. In fullness, the Moon is actually the completion of the lunar cycle, and it also represents a complete circle. The symbolism of the complete circle is especially that of wholeness and unending and cyclical time.

  • Full Moon tattoos, designs, meaning, and symbolism.

Moon tattoos are excellent for anyone who believes in the influence and powers of celestial powers or appreciates the science and history of astronomy. Lunar phases are deeply symbolic images, but their meaning may increase when they are in pairs with another symbol. Moons can also be a great tattoo design if you are a lover of small and discreet tattoos.

Several superstitions constantly arise and are related to the Full Moon. Full Moon is the time when the celestial pull on the planet Earth is particularly strong. Then, we feel the power of the heavenly bodies above. Full Moons usually find their associations with change and insanity. They also symbolize a time when the limits between this world and the following one are fluid and relaxed.

A Full Moon tattoo may in several designs in a few different ways to depict anyone, or a few, of these meanings. One of the possible designs is making the moon complete with craters, and the Sea of Tranquility, and realistic, or with other geographic landmarks. This is a particularly good tattoo for someone who is interested in astronomy or also American history. For example, you can put an American flag on the Moon in order to commemorate the first man on the Moon.

Another option for the Full Moon tattoo would be to embrace its otherworldly and gothic connotations. Traditionally, the Full Moon has its associations with the time when werewolves transformed and when witches and warlocks cast particularly powerful spells.

Having a Full Moon tattoo will be a particularly powerful symbol for the practitioners of Wicca, or also for those that believe in such beings. You can incorporate your beliefs if you include a witch flying across the Moon. You can also include a cauldron or also a black cat underneath the Moon. There are a lot of other combinations that you can use.

As we already said, the Full Moon is believed to be the time when the limits between spirituality and reality were the weakest. Therefore, the Full Moon tattoo represents transformation, magic, and insanity.

As we all related to the Moon at the most key level, it is not a surprise that there are a lot of varieties of Moon tattoo designs. Whether we connect to such natural forces on a personal or spiritual level, there is no doubt that such designs are abundant in meaning.

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