IGY6 Tattoo Design: Different Meanings And Variations

IGY6 Tattoo Design: Different Meanings And Variations

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During our lifetime, we run into a lot of issues and stumble at points. This is something that regularly happens to people. Nobody gets through life intact, and these are things we must deal with. However, some people are dealing not only dealing with everyday problems. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are tough to deal with. These things can end badly. For instance, they can lead to suicide. IGY6 is part of the program that helps to deal with these cases.

  • About IGY6

The growing number of suicides is responsible for the creation of Project Semicolon. This project helps those that are considering suicide or self-harm as an answer for their issues. You insert a semicolon when authors are ending their sentence but still have more to say. You can insert a semicolon to the end of a sentence and continue with another, though. The initiative behind this is to let those having suicidal thoughts know that their story is not over.

Project Semicolon does a great job of raising awareness for this problem. This is why there are a lot of IGY6 tattoos around there. These tattoos have special meanings. We will discuss the IGY6 tattoo and what it means for the owner, and its relation to the issues at hand. In the end, you need to have a better understanding of the problem and what people are doing to help.

  • IGY6 Tattoo Meaning

The IGY6 tattoo or; IGY6 tattoo is a result of Project Semicolon. We use a semicolon to continue a sentence when things could have potentially stopped. The semicolon creates a pause. This pause symbolizes a reconsideration of the plan to harm yourself. The IGY6 stands for “I Got Your Six.” The six means six o’clock, which is behind you. This term originates from the military and means behind you. More precisely, it means, “I Got Your Back.” People with this design are letting everyone know that they are in full support of the project. Moreover, they say that they are there to help people suffering from these problems, leading to suicide.

The colors of the IGY6 tattoo are important for the overall meaning. You generally start with a teal semicolon. This is because teal is the color of raising awareness for PTSD. The black color of the “IGY” symbolizes the sadness we feel for those suffering from PTSD. It also stands for the loss of a loved one from suicide. The “6” is typically red, representing the bloodshed over the years of losing people to suicide.

Combining these symbols and colors creates a message that makes you rethink before deciding to take your life. It makes you take a break and think about the decision you are going to make. It also works as a reminder that there are many who support you in your struggle. These people need your shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend. If you know someone with the IGY6 tattoo, you can be sure he is a friend there to help you.

  • IGY6 Tattoo designs

Most people have IGY6 tattoos because of the same things we just talked about. However, even with the specific message this symbol sends, there are some variations of this tattoo. Below are a few most popular IGY6 tattoos and their meanings.

  • IGY6 22 Tattoo

Another way to portray the same ideas is to combine the IGY6 tattoo with the 22. According to statistics, 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Adding 22 to the IGY6 tattoo is a way to show your support to the veterans. The purpose of this is to do the things to get the suicide rate from 22 veterans a day to none.

We combine the IGY6 tattoo with the skull to emphasize the problem we have today with suicide. The skull is a symbol of death but also potentially a new beginning. In this case, it can have a double meaning. First to show we are trying to avoid these deaths by showing the skull. Secondly, the skull symbolizes new life in some cultures. In this sense, it means that we can reconsider the thought of suicide and start over.

  • Military IGY6 Tattoo

Military IGY6 tattoo serves as a support for all veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. They serve to show specific allegiance to fellow soldiers and to support any soldier that is considering ending their lives.

Suicide is an epidemic that is tearing apart families and taking people way too soon. It is something that we need to get a grip on and destroy. People who are considering suicide should reach out to one of these groups for help. This tattoo is a perfect way for you to help in the fight against the monster.

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  1. Is it possible to get a IGY6 tattoo just for support?

    1. Of course. You can get any type of tattoo design to show support or pay respect to somebody important or close in your life

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