Padma: Sanskrit Word With Deep And Strong Symbolism

Padma: Sanskrit Word With Deep And Strong Symbolism

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Padma Symbol

Sanskrit tattoos are tattoos that bring close ancient concepts and fonts that must be understood to be appropriately applied. If you want some exquisite tattoos to define your state of mind, then Sanskrit tattoos are just your thing. Nowadays, Sanskrit tattoos are finding so much allurement that even those who are not natives want to get them inked. Padma tattoos are some of the many that belong to the category of Sanskrit tattoos. Today we’ll talk about the meanings of this symbol. 

What does the Padma mean? 

The Padma comes from the Sanskrit language and is a word that stands for a lotus flower. This aquatic flowering plant has a significant symbolic role in yoga and many Indian religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. It also goes under the name “sacred lotus.” Padma Symbol

The Padma appears from out of the mud but blooms in flawless beauty above the surface of the water. This is why it often stands as a symbol of self-realization. This especially goes for those who overcome ignorance and suffering to find enlightenment and self-realization. It is also a symbol representing the purity of body, mind, and speech, as it rises above attachment and desire, liberated and full of bliss. 

Padmasana, a yoga posture that is in use for meditation, also comes from the word Padma. 

The Padma, the symbol, its uses in the mandala, and its significance 

The Padma is the central symbol of people who are devoted to Buddhism. Out of Eight Auspicious Symbols, the Padma or the lotus is the one chosen. This is because the lotus grows in the mud but blossoms without getting tainted. In the same way, the person who has the power of ignorance can only reach enlightenment. 


The Padma is also the symbol of enlightenment. This is because it is also the same as rising from darkness and shining into a beautiful flower. The process of enlightenment is very much like the lotus itself. If you take a close look at a flower, the petals’ arrangement is in concentric layers. Once the lotus starts to bloom, each petal opens in succession. This gradual blooming of petals has been used as a metaphor for how a human body can attain enlightenment. 

The ‘PADME,’ which is part of the mantra ‘OM MANI PADME HUM,’ represents the lotus. 

The Padma symbol is also significant for the people in the Hindu religion. This is because the lotus flower is one of the most popular symbols in the Hindu religion. Lord Brahma is emerging from Lord Vishnu’s navel in most Hindu Legends, who is sitting on the lotus. They represent the deity of knowledge, in the same manner, sitting on the flower. 

The Padma uses in Mandalas.  

A lotus flower in the center is part of most Mandalas. There is a reason for keeping it in the center. The reason is that the mandala is viewed from outwards to the center. The utmost form of spiritual energy lies at the center of the mandala, which is the Padma.  

Those mandalas that have a meditation or some religious purpose use lotus in them. For instance: 

Kalacakra Mandala: 

 The Kalacakra Mandala includes the Padma in the center of it. The petals are used around the concentric circles. There is a purpose for that central Padma. After crossing through different life paths, we finally reach the center to reach enlightenment. 

Sri Yantra 

Sri Yantra mandalas hang on the walls of the houses of those believing in Goddesses Laxmi. They think that she will fill their lives with wealth and prosperity. 

Nava Padma Mandala 

This mandala has a Lotus-centric design with a huge flower in the center. This flower stands for Parameshwara initiation ceremonies. 

Importance of the Padma 

The Padma is also crucial as a position in Hatha yoga. The regular practice of padmasana helps the practitioner to reach the supreme level of consciousness. 

In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus represents the purity of the body, speech, and mind. 

Padma symbol as a Tattoo Design 

As a tattoo design, the Padma” inscribed in Hindi/Sanskrit gives a very peaceful and relaxed look. This symbol’s look is just like that of the lotus floating above the lake’s gloominess below it. Besides the scenery, it remains a thing of beauty. If you choose to get this tattoo, you can be confident that it is full of meaning. Just like any other tattoo with Sanskrit symbols, this is also a unique tattoo. If you want to get a Sanskrit tattoo, make sure that the Padma will work for you. 

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