Anchor And Wheel Tattoo Design: Rich In Symbolism And History

Anchor And Wheel Tattoo Design: Rich In Symbolism And History

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Anchor Tattoo

Anchor and wheel are one of those most popular sailor tattoo designs. This is a motif with great symbolism and even greater history. But let’s start from the beginning.

  • History of Sailor Tattoos

Nautical tattoos, or sailor tattoos, are tattoos worn by sailors. These tattoos had specific traditions that went along with them. Sailors are famous for getting old school tattoos. These kinds of tattoos come from flash books. Things like swallows, mermaids, and pin-ups are some of the most popular sailor tattoos. One of these designs is the anchor and wheel design.Anchor Tattoo

Sailor Jerry was a pioneer in this branch, and his style was really popular in the early-mid twentieth century. There was a period when this style lost popularity. However, this tattooing style made a comeback for people who lived on the sea and those who did not.

Nautical tattoos are the perfect fit for this style. Many of the nautical images worn by sailors are designs that Sailor Jerry would call his own. Sailor Jerry had a huge influence on modern tattooing. There is even an annual event called the “Sailor Jerry Festival,” which honors his legacy.

  • Anchor and Wheel Tattoo Meaning

Anchor and wheel tattoo is one of these sailor tattoos. They originate from Sailor’s Jerry time. To understand what these combinations of images mean, you should try to understand what they mean independently.

The anchor, as a symbol, has a rich history in the world of tattoos. It was a subject of tattooing even in Sumerian times. These images were popular among Christians mistreated for their beliefs. Christians covered their cross tattoos with anchors to avoid persecution. As a hidden meaning, the anchor tattoo symbolized Jesus’ bond to the sea as he and his followers fished.

Some people also believe that the anchor tattoo symbolizes the feminine and masculine connection. This is because the crescent symbolizes the woman while the rod represents the man.

When sailors started getting anchor tattoos, the image received new, different meanings. Nowadays, it is said the anchor tattoo represents a sailor’s last hope when the storms of the sea are rough. They also believe that this symbol represents honor, hope, rescue, security, protection, devotion to the greater good, and loyalty.

The ship wheel also carries its meaning as a tattoo. The ship wheel is often only inked for decoration, but others say it is very symbolic. The wheel serves as a navigator giving direction when a sailor is out at sea. Nature decides whether the waves or wind help the sailor on his journey. The wheel symbolizes the voyage of trying to make it through life unscathed. However, we all end up with scars in life, whether they are physical or emotional. The wheel symbolizes the voyage. It also stands for fortune, journey, principle, opportunity, life’s path, discovery, navigation, and direction.

So, when these images are together, the wheel helps you get you through the storm, and the anchor is your last hope. Both of these images symbolize something necessary in the journey we call life. Therefore, they are positive symbols that we all need to lean on in our lifetime.

If you are unsure about the tattoo’s meaning, you can always ask the person wearing the tattoo.

  • Anchor and Wheel Tattoo designs

The anchor and wheel are part of this tattoo. The only difference when getting this tattoo is in the way you portray the images. Below are a few designs of different anchor and wheel tattoos that are popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

  • Be the One to Guide Me On My Path But Never Hold Me Down

Be the one to guide me on my path but never hold me down is a popular phrase for this tattoo. This phrase is often part of the anchor and wheel tattoos. The first part of the phrase refers to the ship’s wheel. That is because it is a symbol of direction. On the other hand, the person with this tattoo is asking for direction without holding him back. The image of the anchor symbolizes something that holds you back in life.

The watercolor anchor and wheel tattoo has the same meanings as the one above. However, it does flow with the nautical theme of the anchor and ship wheel. This style fits perfectly with the nautical tattoos because it looks good.

Anchor and wheel tattoos are also popular as matching tattoos. Sometimes one person is wearing one image, and a friend or loved one wears the other image. This symbolizes the bond that these two people are sharing. As the ship needs a way to steer it and stop, you need this friend or loved one.

As you can see, the anchor and wheel is a perfect combination for a tattoo. These two images not only look great together but also mean something truly amazing. It is a significant tattoo for all of us.


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