Sphinx Tattoo Design: Egyptian Culture In The Tattoo World

Sphinx Tattoo Design: Egyptian Culture In The Tattoo World

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It’s a well-known fact that Egyptians have a rich culture and history. This is because Egyptians were among the many people who practiced ancient art. The Egyptians’ love for ancient art is present in their structures, paintings, and even tattoos. A lot of the Egyptian symbols are trendy as tattoos among both tattoo lovers and tattoo artists. One such symbol is the Sphinx. 

One main fact that you need to know about Egyptian art is that it uses symbolic art that is hard to decipher, making their art even more admirable and intriguing for many people worldwide. You can show your respect for ancient Egyptian art in many ways. One of them is by getting Egyptian tattoo art on your skin. Even if you don’t have an Egyptian background, you can still work around this kind of tattoo design since there is a whole range of beautiful tattoos. The only thing you need to do is research the symbolism of your particular symbols or designs to avoid confronting other cultures and beliefs. A lot of the Egyptian symbols are trendy as tattoo designs among both tattoo lovers and tattoo artists. One such symbol is the Sphinx.

One of the potential reasons why Egyptian tattoos are trendy, even up to this day, is due to their rich symbolic and complex imagery. It is a dare for many people to decode the meaning behind Egyptian symbols since one symbol could mean two different things. This is what makes their art more mysterious and more fascinating.

Everyone who decides to get a tattoo always puts a special significance on it. For example, it can serve as a reflection of the inner world, a desire to change a life, or display significant dates, events, and dear people. Therefore, the choice of a picture should be approached carefully since it will remain for eternity. It is essential to think not just about the semantic load but also the size. The size is fitting for the place chosen for tattooing.

If you carefully study the sketches of sphinxes tattoos, you will note that for such images, the back, shoulder, and forearm will fit flawlessly due to the large surface that gives space and allows displaying small details.

There are several variations of designs of the tattoo of the Sphinx; every one of them has different meanings.

Mythological meanings of the Sphinx:

What is the first association that comes to mind for everyone when you hear Sphinx is Egyptian statues? There are several different mythological animals, and each of the images carries different meanings.

  1. The Egyptian Sphinx was depicted with a human head, a lion’s body, and a bull’s tail. The person belonged to a great ruler or pharaoh. Such sphinxes were inserted into the tombs of these significant people as custodians. It symbolized monumentality, tranquility, protection of the secrets of the ruler. They connected the present with the future passing through the millennium. Such a tattoo will give an enigma and wisdom to its owner.
  2. Greek Sphinx is outwardly different from the Egyptian since it has a female head and a dog’s body with bird’s wings. This mythical animal, in particular, asked a question that no one could answer and lost their lives because of this. The meaning of the image also differs. For instance, it symbolizes the dark side, destruction, demons. The image of this Sphinx on the body is used to give aggression and strength to the possessor.
  3. The Assyrian Sphinx is depicted with a beard, and each part of it has a separate meaning, together with collecting qualities that must be nurtured in oneself. The head is the base of knowledge. The beard speaks of wisdom. The wings represent inspiration, flight, and the lion’s claws show the strength, courage, determination, bullish sides call for work, perseverance, and patient silence. This kind of tattoo with a sphinx will improve the owner’s essential qualities like wisdom, perseverance, and diligence. It will also reveal the rich inner world of the owner.

Sphinx cat tattoos:

Pet tattoos are quite popular because people want to capture the image of a pet they love, so they put a special significance in the tattoo. The tattoo of the Sphinx cat combines both the mythological and the cat’s symbolism. It transfers to the owner of the cat’s qualities, such as cunning, care, softness, hunting instincts. It also protects from magical influences, evil eye, slanders.

In the form of a cat, the tattoo displaying the gracefulness and curves of this animal’s lines is suitable for girls. The tattoo stresses the elegance and plasticity of its owner. The aggressive image reflecting hunting instincts, force, and courage is suitable for men.

The photo of the Sphinx tattoos will help determine the style and place for where to put it. You can design a picture, both in black and white and in color. We advise you to choose the part of the body carefully. Such tattoos contain many small details that can’t be displayed qualitatively in a limited area.

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