Clock Tattoo Design: Endless Time And Love, Death And Life Or Incarceration.

Clock Tattoo Design: Endless Time And Love, Death And Life Or Incarceration.

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Time is a thing which every one of us has in common, and it governs the way we exist. When we try to describe it, we often find ourselves stumbling, yet we rely on it to go about our daily activities. Time does not have value; we cannot buy it and cannot runt back the hands of time. We can see how it passed, but we can never stop it. Such a great time like time is visualized with a clock and, in its turn, watch inked on your body will carry the philosophy of endless time.

Clocks are the machines that we use to track time, and so it is no wonder they are a popular tattoo design. There are several variants of these designs, which can represent anything from mortality to ancient wisdom.Clock

A clock or a watch face symbolizes the very thing that it tracks – the passage of time. In the world of prison tattoos, timepieces symbolize sentences being served. An hourglass can also be a symbol of prison time being done, and clock faces without hands stand for doing time.

Clocks are fascinating things, both symbolically and visually. This tattoo can be designed to incorporate a variety of symbolic, as well as significant elements, and since there are a lot of different types of clocks to choose from, it is easy to create a unique and specific personal design.

Clock tattoos are not a mainstream design, so when you see one, it can catch your eye. To accommodate the detail and shading and its mechanism, these tattoos tend to be larger. When these tattoos are done well and correctly, they can be extremely stunning and unique. Clocks an often be designed to look masculine, feminine, or neutral so that anyone can wear one.

“Time and tide wait for no man.” – Chaucer

  • Meaning of clock tattoos.

Modern tattoo designs are far more complicated and abstract, so when it comes to clock tattoos, they are not simple anymore. Besides the main meaning, these tattoos have some other deeper meanings, too; every one of us can explain it in a different way, the way we feel about it.

The clock tattoo can represent a variety of different meanings. Even though they represent time, they can also represent so much more. Keep in mind that your tattoo symbolizes what you want it to symbolize. Here are some of the possible meanings of this tattoo:

  • Time;
  • Incarceration – literal or metaphorical;
  • Life or mortality;
  • Death or existence;
  • A special moment;
  • Endlessness or infinity;
  • Stability and structure;
  • Endless love.

Generally, a clock symbolized life, as well as death. Time never stops, and we often tend to forget that valuable fact. One day, time is going to catch up with every one of us, and our short time here is going to be over.

Clock tattoo designs can be made in so they can represent this very understanding. A tattoo that is designed to represent life can incorporate different living elements like flowers or roses. In contrast, those who are meant to represent death might incorporate skulls, fire, or a grim reaper.

This tattoo can be a symbol of endless love. It could be the love that you have for your family, such as parents or children, in which case their names, faces, or even dates of birth might be incorporated. One of the most common symbols which are used for such designs is the heart. Some other symbols which may also be used are dove, angels, flowers, as well as stars.

The style of the clock can also change the meaning of the tattoo. For example, a sundial can symbolize old soul and wisdom, while abstract or digital clock can be the symbol of future and development.

Clock tattoo can also be designed with some inspirational quotes, which can be included on banners or embedded into the clock itself.

Colorful clocks look far more positive, while the dark colors of the clock and the entire tattoo will add more drama to the meaning. Regardless of which style you choose or what meaning your clock tattoo is going to carry, it will always look amazing because tattoo with profound meaning just cannot look boring.

Every one of us is bound by time, and clock tattoo designs can represent several important human truths. No matter if you are celebrating a momentous life accomplishment or you are taken by this elusive fourth dimension, a clock tattoo can be a quite meaningful symbol to get tattooed on your skin.

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