Dove Tattoo Symbolism: Peace, Love, Family And New Beginnings.

Dove Tattoo Symbolism: Peace, Love, Family And New Beginnings.

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Tattoo art is all about adorning the body with some beautiful designs, which usually convey significant meanings and symbolism too. Some of the most popular choices for tattoo art are specific natural objects like flowers, dragonflies, butterflies, celestial bodies, and fish. At the same time, other elements can be tribal art and religious symbols, which are quite famous among tattoo lovers. Among the birds, dove tattoos hold a special place because of their immense beauty, and deep symbolism that makes them a favorite all over the world. Although we have seen sparrows or bluebirds among body art, there is no denying that doves were always unique and are going to be in the future, every time we talk about tattoo art.

There is something very graceful, as well as charming about these feathered creatures, which makes them an unrivaled tattoo design that is loved by tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts and lovers all over the world.

  • Dove tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.Dove

Tattooing is an art that is practiced, as well as observed by a lot of people around the world these days, and dove art tattoos are preferred by many of them. These tattoos are extremely popular among tattoo lovers since they are beautiful art, which can make their physical appearance more generous than ever. Moreover, they are full of meanings that can match the different personalities of those tattoo lovers.

The grace, as well as beauty of the dove, in combination with its pure white plumage, as well as gentle cooing sound, made it the favorite symbol of love and tenderness from ancient times until now.

In Judeo-Christian symbolism, the dove brings an olive branch to Noah as the flood recedes, while in the New Testament, the dove is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. Tattoo art draws on all of these themes, favoring the symbolism of peace, as well as tranquility.

The humble little bird started its journey as a religious icon in the Near East and the Mediterranean. Thousands of years ago, this bird was symbolic of the Canaanite mother goddess, Asherah, and also of her many counterparts across the region. As such, the dove became the symbol of fertility and femininity.

With the expansion of the Roman Empire, this bird also became absorbed into their religion, and soon after that, it has been the emissary for goddesses such as Fortunata and Venus, linking it with traits such as love, luck, peace, as well as beauty.

The dove tattoo is not just widely utilized as beautiful body art. It is also worn by a great number of people all over the world in order to tell others for something important. Those important things may be related to the personality of the bearer or the general meaning of the tattoo, which the whole world has to know.

About this, here are some of the basic meanings and symbolism of the dove design tattoos:

  • Success – the first thing that this tattoo design symbolizes, aside from the very common love, and peace, is a success. Yes, doves are not just used in showing love or peace symbolism, but also a success. In case that you are already successful in your life or you aim to be very successful in your future, having this tattoo is going to be good for you.
  • New beginnings – this is another thing which the dove tattoo symbolizes – new beginnings. In case you experienced something bad in your life in the past, and now you are in the new life beginning, then you can tell all those stories about it through a dove tattoo art. The reason is as the bird symbolizes a fresh start in the Bible, specifically in the story of Noah.
  • Family – the dove tattoo is excellent because it symbolizes family. The explanation for this is that the dove is never going to die alone in its life. It is going to have a dove partner for sure, and this depicts the real-life situation. Every person should make a family, as well as love their wife or husband, or even their children. So, if you are a person that is oriented to family, then you can have a dove tattoo design on your body.
  • Enduring love – as doves mate with one partner for their lives and also take care of their young together, they represent steadfast love, as well as devotion. The connection between the mated pair is an everlasting, faithful, and enduring partnership.

Some of the other meanings of this tattoo design are:

  • Peace;
  • Love;
  • Harmony and unity;
  • Christ and the Almighty;
  • Piety and reverence;
  • Faith and hope;
  • Protection and divine guidance.

A dove tattoo will also be an excellent way of showing pride in our religious convictions. The design can be loaded with a lot of meanings and symbolism, as we mentioned above, and it can also come in different shapes, sizes, or colors, alone or combined with other objects and things. Do you like this tattoo design?

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