Tulip Tattoo: Beautiful Flower Rooted In The Tattoo Culture

Tulip Tattoo: Beautiful Flower Rooted In The Tattoo Culture

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Tulip Flower Tattoo

The tulip is a beautiful flower that every woman loves to see in a bouquet. This flower tattoo motif also carries strong symbolism and meanings. People often decide to get this flower as a tattoo for this particular reason. There are different styles and designs of these tattoo designs that people can choose from. Below there is an explanation about the meaning of the tattoo and what this flower represents in terms of characteristics and traits.

  • About the Tulip

This flower first appeared in Turkey and Persia centuries ago. Tulips had an important cultural role in these countries. The origin of the word tulip is from the Persian word that means turban. Europeans wrongly gave this flower its name since the Turks would have these flowers in their turbans. With the improvement of the popularity of tulips in Europe, other areas of the world started taking to tulips as well. Nowadays, tulips are popular and grown all over the world.

  • Tulip Tattoo Meaning

Tulips belong to the category of most loved and recognizable flowers on the planet. They appear to be the perfect flower. This is because they aren’t too romantic, too bright, too big, too small, or too elegant. It only brings comfort to your life.

In general, the primary meaning of the tulip is perfect love. Just like with most flowers, their shapes or colors will be what carries that meaning. After you insert different colors to the tulip, the meaning starts to evolve into different characteristics. For instance, white tulips serve to express forgiveness or to claim worthiness. Even though this color has similar meanings with other flowers, this flower carries its unique meaning.Tulip Flower Tattoo

Thanks to the different meanings and emotions regarding the tulip, it’s no surprise they maintain to be one of the more popular flowers and subjects for tattoos. Since these flowers come in so many different colors, they can be used for a variety of different occasions. This is also another reason why someone might get the tulip tattoo. Tulips can serve as a reminder of a happy time or a moment in time they would love to remember.

  • Tulip Tattoo Variations

As previously said, these flowers come in different colors. Every color carries its meaning, and when paired with the tulip, it only enhances the symbolism. Moreover, some images can be paired with tulips that can take on a whole new meaning when asked. Below there are several ideas of tulip tattoos and their meanings.

  • Black Tulip Tattoo

The black one symbolizes strength and power. This shade not only stands for mystery but royalty as well. Believe it or not, black tulips are real, but they are a rare hybrid of tulip. Creating a black flower tattoo is difficult, but there are many colors of tulip that are very close such as dark red or a really deep purple.

  • Pink Tulip Tattoo

Pink tulips are really pleasant to look at. People who own a pink tulip tattoo are trying to get that feeling whenever they look at their tattoo. This is a great reason for getting the tattoo. The pink one represents good wishes, kindness, and attachment (though not as strong as the color red).

  • Yellow Tulip Tattoo

Yellow flowers serve as a symbol of characteristics like hopeless love and jealousy. However, as times changed, the modern interpretations of the color yellow have been updated. Now, the meaning of the yellow tattoo design revolves around cheerful thoughts and hope. Yellow is also a color that symbolizes friendship. Someone might have a yellow tulip tattoo to honor a lost friend. They can even get matching yellow tulips tattoo to symbolize their friendship with someone.

  • Red Tulip Tattoo

Just like in other flowers, the color red symbolizes deep love. The red tulip is all about passion and romance. Moreover, this flower is considered the flower of the wedding anniversary. By getting the red tulip tattoo, you are revealing how passionate you are about someone or something. You can even get it for your significant other to show how you feel or as a symbol of a marriage that has made it 11 years at that point.

When you do a little more research, you will discover that tulips grow in many other colors, and each of those hues carries their implication. This means that while getting your tulip tattoo, you should make sure to pick a color that is a representation of how you are feeling. It would be best if you also had a tattoo artist who is skillful in tattooing flower tattoos. If this flower is beautiful for you, or you can relate to some of its characteristics, you should think about getting it as a tattoo. You can be sure that you will never regret choosing to get a tulip flower tattoo.


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