Latest Tattoo Fashion Trends To Look Forward In 2020

Latest Tattoo Fashion Trends To Look Forward In 2020

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The past decade saw a lot of changes in the fashion industry in general. Those changes and trends reflected the tattoo industry as well. With people going for a more ethnic and rustic look, the world of body art and tattoo has evolved a lot in recent years.

From being an unconventional and edgy form of expression, the concept of tattoos has changed a lot, especially among the masses. From edgy sports cars to silk scarves, chokers and bracelets, tattoo-inspired prints and designs can be seen everywhere. With different styles ranging from watercolors to micro-realism, and minimalism, the tattoo community itself is growing and evolving.

Today, you can find tattoo artists everywhere. From New York to Paris and Seoul. The tattoo industry is expanding and is being accepted globally as a powerful form of art. Now, what’s next? What tattoo trends will become big in 2020? Let’s find out.

  1. Supersaturated and colorful tattoos

In the past decades, colorful and saturated tattoos were not very popular among teens or adults. Monochrome tattoos with hints of grey were mostly preferred by artists. Minimalistic tattoos with micro-realism designs were high in demand. But now, colorful tattoos have made a comeback in 2020.

You might have noticed very vibrant and saturated tattoos appearing on your Instagram or Pinterest feeds. Saturated and colorful designs are expected to make it big in 2020. If you search a bit on Instagram or Pinterest, you will find a lot of tattoo artists from the UK and Korea who specialize in designing tattoos with vibrant and saturated colors.

  1. Conventional American tattoos

A lot of American Traditional designs for tattoos including those heart tattoos with ‘mom’ written around it, the anchor tattoos, or those naughty pin-up girl tattoos. All these tattoos belong to the 18th century when professional sailors got their arms tattooed in their leisure time. Trends

These designs, however, became extremely popular during the 1960s, especially among the bikers groups. These traditional tattoos can be too old to be forgotten. Therefore, these designs are now being infused with some trippy designs by new age tattoo artists.

  1. Tattoos at workplaces

As mentioned earlier, tattoos are getting extremely popular with the masses. They are getting a wider acceptance as well, especially among the employers and workplaces. Earlier, visible tattoos were not allowed at workplaces, but this concept has changed completely. Today, employers have updated their policies that don’t prohibit body art.

In some parts of the world, police forces have less strict policies regarding police officers having visible tattoos. With tattoos becoming acceptable for uniformed workers and professionals, the trend of having visible tattoos such as on neck, face, and ear is most likely to become even more popular in the coming years.

  1. Temporary tattoos

 Temporary tattoos do not mean having those crappy stickers that we used to have as kids. Temporary tattoos now come in real hardcore tattoo designs. Major temporary tattoo brands such as Inside Out, Inkbox, and Tattly create some high-quality temporary ink tats. The most amazing part of these brands is the fact that they collaborate with professional tattoo artists for creating temporary tattoo designs.

  1. Vegan ink trends

A lot of people, especially millennials are becoming more and more concerned about the environment. This involves buying eco-friendly products. However, tattooing involves the use of disposable products that are not recyclable.

Lately, a lot of tattoo artists are using vegan inks. Other tools and supplies used for tattooings such as gloves and cord sleeves are also thrown away after every tattoo appointment to ensure hygiene and sanitation.

Now, such conventional tools and supplies are being replaced with more environmentally -friendly options. Several companies produce biodegradable gloves, blades, ink caps, etc. Some companies even produce recyclable tissues and towels papers. This trend is something that is expected to grow up with time and knowledge.

  1. The ignorant tattoo trends

The ignorant tattoo trend is expected to be even more popular than they were in 2019. Ignorant style tattoo is a more rebellious take against the social norms and standardization. This style involves rough drawings with a touch of humor.

Although, this style is not something new as Scarlett Johansson was seen flaunting this style of tattoo in 2012. Ignorant tattoos are expected to become more popular and mainstream in the coming years.

  1. Embroidery style tattoo trends

In 2019, a lot of artists were seen practicing embroidery tattoos. These tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among teens and young adults. This trend is all set to be bigger and better in 2020. These vibrant and colorful tattoos appear to be three-dimensional and resemble embroidered patches.

To master this form of tattooing, you need to know about light & shadow to create more realistic 3D looking designs. The most important element of embroidery style tattoos is probably the colors that you choose and the way you use black ink as well as the outlines to create a 3D or embossed effect.

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