Nautical Star Tattoo Design: Good Luck, Guidance And Return Home

Nautical Star Tattoo Design: Good Luck, Guidance And Return Home

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Nautical Star

Tattoos were part of sailing lore since long ago. One such tattoo design is the nautical star. It has quite a long history as the image which has its association with protection and guidance.

This is definitely one of the main reasons why it is a popular choice with the military and marine. It is a particularly famous choice among those in the Navy. Even though the basic star design may be quite vibrant, a lot of tattoo artists developed authentic ways of incorporating some other designs into the tattoo.Nautical Star

  • The early origins of the nautical star.

The nautical star symbol has a close association with a seafaring theme. This is because of the superstitious nature of those people that want to undertake long ocean journeys. Moreover, it is also their desire to search out symbols like dolphins and starfishes, which would provide them good fortune.

The sailors that were traveling on such dangerous open seas over one century age used the heavens to navigate. However, the star became a significant part of those safe travels too.

People adopted the nautical star as the sign of the belief that it is going to lead them home safely. Nowadays, that symbol has a more profound meaning. That meaning reflects guidance and good luck, just like the four-leaf clover design.

The nautical star is a symbolic star that has an association with the sea services of the U.S. armed forces. It also has its connection with tattoo culture. It is rendered as a five-pointed star in light and dark shades counterchanged in ways reminiscent of a compass rose.

  • The connection of the nautical star to soldiers.

Soldiers had a really close connection to the nautical star as they connected it with safety and guidance. During the times of war, many of them were getting nautical star tattoos on their wrists. This was to remind them when they involved themselves in very dangerous situations and also to keep them looking regardless of the dangers. Also, they did that to remember that the star would safely guide them home when they complete their mission.

People derived the nautical star tattoo from the original version of the compass rose. Nowadays, it has a lot of different variations which also have different meanings and symbolism.

Moreover, you can frequently encounter the nautical star as an informal signifier indicating membership in the U.S. Coast Guard. Moreover, it is common among the Marine Corps. The symbol recalls the five-pointed star of the U.S. national flag. The compass rose is present on many nautical charts. This star even represents the way home of sailors or travelers, every time they were lost in travel or life.

  • Nautical star tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.

The history of this star is somewhat unclear. However, it likely derives from the importance of Polaris, the North Star. As Polaris appears to be stationary in the night sky, with other stars moving around its central North Pole location, it is a key reference point for navigation.

In nowadays’ nautical charts, experts mark the position of North on a compass with a five-pointed star. Other maritime tattoo symbols deal with various destinations, or the voyage and its perils. However, the nautical star is likely the symbol of the return home or the lack that is sometimes needed to reach it.

Because of its simplistic, but still eye-pleasing conception, the nautical star frequently finds its use in tattoos. Nautical star tattoos are said to keep sailors on course. As such, they also guide sailors home.

Nowadays, nautical star tattoos are quite popular. Over time, a few new meanings for these tattoos appeared. Some meanings depend on the placement of the tattoo. If you have it on your left wrist, aligned with your thumb, it acts as a guide for your future. If you have such tattoo with angel wings on your right back shoulder, it will symbolize someone watching over you.

Nautical star tattoos are common among everyone that lives on or near the sea. With the connotation of navigation, more introspective people may choose this tattoo to symbolize finding their ways in life. Moreover, it may symbolize returning from military service as well.

Wearing two nautical stars may indicate status. Those that survived some dangerous sea activities have the right to tattoo two stars on their chest. This star itself may represent a light that a person follows. It may also mean a connection with someone that has passed away, or the belief in a power which is bigger than us all.

This star design is authentic in that it may have a very different person from one individual to another. Moreover, it has an excellent connection to home, whether that is on this planet or beyond. The reason why this tattoo is common is that it may symbolize many different things at once.

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