Russian Tattoo Designs And Patterns: Meanings And Variations

Russian Tattoo Designs And Patterns: Meanings And Variations

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Russian Tattoo

We all know that Russia is a huge country. It is the largest country in the world. This is why Russia has a massive exhibit of tattoos. If you look at Russian tattoos, you may find that many of them are prison tattoos. People who are in prison often decide to get a tattoo there. However, this is not the total population of Russian tattoo enthusiasts.

The most popular designs of tattoos that come from Russia have very religious meanings. The Russian Orthodox Church has over 150 million believers and members. As many Russians had to emigrate for their love and faith in their religion, tattoos serve as reminders. They remind of what they have done and gone through to keep their faith. Below, there are examples of both religious Russian tattoo designs and Russian prison tattoos as well.Russian Tattoo

  • Russian Tattoo Designs

Russian tattoos often possess a very dark side to them. This dark side is very much as the one that has been sported by convicts and criminals. However, this is not always the case. Russia is a huge and stunning country filled with a great heritage and history of art. Russians do not always get tattoos with a patriotic theme. This is because there are other subjects in the art of Russia.

  • Khokhloma Tattoo Design and Pattern

This is one very popular design in Russia. It originates from the 17th century. This art form first appeared when people fled from officials’ persecution, taking refuge in painting and designing. Those Russian tattoo designs include different displays on soft wooden utensils, dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchenware. They use brightly colored flowers, with green, red, and gold colors over a black background.

These patterns make the light, soft wooden sculptures/dishware look more massive than they are. It seems as if they are a metallic substance. Many things in Russian culture have this concept and flower design implemented, including tattoos. Many Russians get animals, such as bears, birds, wolves, and other woodland creatures, as tattoos. Anything you want for your tattoo, but inside the tattoo frame, is this Khokhloma design. The Khokhloma includes an array of floral patterns and thick vines throughout the piece. Russian tattoos such as these include red, green, gold, and black colors. You can have it in other colors but is not that eye-catching and dedicated to Khokhloma art’s roots.

  • Matryoshka Doll Tattoo Designs

The Matryoshka doll is very popular around the world. You don’t have to be a Russian to know how they look. People also call them the ‘Stacking Dolls’ or the ‘Russian Nesting Doll.’ These dolls are wooden creations stacked on top of each other. Inside each doll, there is a smaller doll in size and able to fit inside the other one. Usually, they are in groups of 5. There is a large one, followed by a smaller one that fits inside another more miniature doll. These dolls are popular all over Russia since 1890. Recently, they have become the centerpiece among Russian tattoo enthusiasts. These dolls usually have the shape or figure of an older woman. This is the original and most widespread design. However, you can make them look like whoever, or whatever you would like.

When it comes to tattoos, the old woman doll design is the most famous. Tattoos with this design are recognized immediately as Matryoshka dolls. These dolls have vibrant colors and designs throughout the doll.

  • Saint Basil’s Cathedral Tattoo Design

The Saint Basil Cathedral is a popular cathedral dwelling in the Red Square in Moscow. This is one of the many cathedrals cherished as a part of Russian history. This cathedral has a unique and excessive architectural style. It’s no wonder that so many people want a work of art such as this on their body as a tattoo. This is a huge graphic to get illustrated on the body. So it would be a great deal if you have a big enough spot for this tattoo, like the back or chest. This kind of tattoo shows that the owner of this tattoo has a strong faith in their religion. This tattoo is usually colorful since there are so many lively colors within the architectural design itself.

As you can see, Russia has a great history, and the art is astounding. No matter what you choose to get as a Russian tattoo, it is sure to raise questions and turn heads. Russia has a unique style and sense when it comes to the country. This is why there is no shame in showing off your heritage with a Russian tattoo. However, make sure to get the correlating color patterns as described. If you add the wrong colors, you can signify a whole other country.

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