Forget Me Not Flower Tattoo Design Meanings And Ideas

Forget Me Not Flower Tattoo Design Meanings And Ideas

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Forget Me Not Tattoo

People who want to get a floral tattoo or add to an already existing floral sleeve often decide to “forget me not” tattoo. Flowers used in these tattoos are turquoise or light pastel blue that has a little yellow circular interior. Springtime is the period when “forget me not” flowers start to bloom. They are usually seen as a symbol of beauty, grace, and eternal love. Many people have their special meaning behind these tattoos, but the most ordinary implications are love and being brave. One more reason to “forget me not” tattoo design is to show the loss of an important and loved one and not forget the memories you have shared with that person. This remarkable and graceful symbol in the old days was considered a sign of everlasting love and symbolized how much one means to a person.Forget Me Not Tattoo

“Forget Me Not” Tattoo Meaning

More often, but not always, this tattoo is chosen by women. Since these tattoos are meaningful but elegant and graceful and the reason enough why this is the case, the flower fits perfectly with the curves of a female body. It can be placed on the hip or shoulder and accentuate the figure as well.

There are all kinds of designs to forget me, not tattoo. For instance, they can be large back pieces with the words “forget me not,” or they can only include a small flower on your finger to help remind you of that special someone. They can be colorful or done in black and grey. “Forget me not” tattoos can include a single flower or a cluster or bunch of flowers.

Even though women usually choose these tattoos, they are not only for women. In recent times, men often decide to get floral tattoos. Men might decide to get “forget me not” flower as a standalone piece to show their elegance and confidence in their masculinity. They can also choose to combine this tattoo with more masculine elements such as swords, guns, or stars. Since “forget me not” tattoo is significant, it is not limited to one sex.

Even though these tattoos are often done in blue, this is not the only color that the flower is grown as. Other colors are commonly used for the “forget me not” tattoo, such as yellow, white, pink, and rose. If you indeed decide to add color to your design, a selection of a few or all of these colors could be to your advantage. If you already own other tattoos, you can decide based on the color that best fits them. The colors in your “forget me not” tattoo can also use a special meaning for you. For instance, if you want to “forget me not” tattoo to honor a friend you’ve lost and their favorite color was pink, then don’t be afraid to get a pink “forget me not” a flower symbolize the love you have for them.

There are lots of legendary stories about this flower and its passion of love and memories. Before you make a definite choice about your “forget me not” tattoo, it might be useful for you to look up some old stories about the flower and find an acceptable meaning for you. Moreover, you will not make a mistake if you research all the possible legends about this flower. By doing that, you might discover that the tattoo holds a lot deeper meaning for you that you previously thought was a reason enough to get it. This flower, and subsequently, this tattoo is used as a symbol of remembering, love, and grace.

You can choose to “forget me not” tattoos, with a background accompanied by the words “Forget Me Not.” There are different ways these words can be tattooed, such as with a bow or ribbon tied around them. Even when you decide to add a background or other images such as butterflies, birds, or leaves, “forget me not” flower must remain the tattoo centerpiece. If you have an essential someone that you never want to forget, you are free to add their initials in the design. You can also choose to add some meaningful quotes in the tattoo.

Putting all of the possible background and additional images to add to the design aside, sometimes the best choice is to get simple, standalone “forget me not” fully bloomed flower. No matter which style you chose to go with, make sure that is means something to you. Just like in any other design, that is the crucial part. Remember, “forget me not” tattoo is about elegance, love, and, most importantly, remembering someone who holds a special place in your heart.

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