Om Tattoo: Simple Art Design With Big Symbolism

Om Tattoo: Simple Art Design With Big Symbolism

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Amazingly, so much meaning can come out of small designs. The om symbol is evidence that big ideas come in small packages. In the tattoo world, some people believe that bigger is better. If you get those giant back tattoos and full sleeve tattoos, that does say a lot about you as a person. However, getting the om tattoo is just as a dominant symbol.

It might seem surprising, but this tattoo has a substantial, deep, and spiritual meaning. At the same time, the message is nearly inconceivable. You should know that “ohm” is not the same word we are talking about. Ohms refer to electrical currents.

  • What is Om?

“Om” (ॐ) is an ancient Sanskrit word. This word is used in lots of different chants and mantras. Even though the purpose of Sanskrit’s language is chanting, the written symbol is meant as a representation of the divine universe. Moreover, it is a sound that serves to symbolize the majesty of the unknowable interconnections of the cosmos. The om symbol is used in nearly all ancient Indian religions as a mantra of the divine. These religions serve to introduce the magic of the cosmos into the banality of human life on Earth. The “om” symbol is known under several names, but it is an extremely respected symbol in any case. It is build to the religious fundaments of the Vedic cultures. They later developed into Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism over the last couple of millennia.

People believe that the sound of om is created at the same time the universe was. All of the genesis and the heart of the universe is summed up into Brahman’s term in the Hindu religion. The “om” is a representation of the Brahman’s four divine states. These states are compassion (karuna), sympathetic joy (mudita), loving-kindness (metta), and equanimity (upekkha).

The om sound is meant to be the sound of life. Some theories claim that there is a set point of vibration for the core of existence. It was as if there was nothingness where the cosmic mouth opens to liberate the sound of creation.

The symbol is usually rendered relatively small and simple, allowing the icon’s significant meaning to stay in the design’s focus. The small elements, such as lotus flowers or cosmic symbols like stars and moons, are sometimes added. The “Om” is sometimes positioned inside other Indian symbols such as mandalas or the lotus flower. It is also possible to use the Devanagari script, a modern form of Sanskrit, to add a fuller mantra to the design.

Major divine figures are often included in tattoos special for the Indian religion, as filler when “om” is rendered in bold lines. Images of Buddha are often used to signify a connection to Buddhism, while Ganesh, the elephant-headed god, is used for Hinduism. Sikhism uses five signs that are worn by Sikh men, any of which are included with “om” to denote the Sikh religion.

In Buddhism, “om” is sometimes seen placed under a Bodhi tree. This is the place where Buddha sat to reflect on life through meditation. To signify Hinduism in another way, the Trishula is usually located in the background of “om,” a trident worn by the supreme god Shiva and the warrior goddess Durga.

  • Om Tattoo Variations

You can get this tattoo design in different ways. As mentioned above, the om tattoo is often combined with other images to add to the meaning. Below, there are only some ideas about what you can combine with your tattoo motif. However, you can get very creative when getting this tattoo.

  • Om Tattoo in the Paintbrush

The om tattoo tattooed in a paintbrush style is truly fitting for this tattoo. It starts at one end and glides through to the end. This is very much the beginning of creation, flowing to the end of life. This style used for the om tattoo goes well.

Many of these tattoos include Buddha. The link is obvious, and the Hindu religion has both of these as two of the most significant symbols in this religion. Some of the coolest designs include Buddha in the negative space of the tattoo. In this way, the om is the tattoo’s central focus, and when you look closer, you see Buddha in the background.

The om, combined with the mandala tattoo, happens to be a very popular way to have this image tattooed on your body. The mandala translates loosely to “circle,” and they are said to symbolize the universe. The shapes and balance of the image serve as a symbol of unity and harmony. The mandala is helpful in meditation to absorb the mind.

Many people have made rash decisions and went into the first shop they saw and ended up with a tattoo they hated. You must make sure this doesn’t happen and take your time and consult with the artist.


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