Paw Print Design: Cute, Small But Meaningful Tattoo

Paw Print Design: Cute, Small But Meaningful Tattoo

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Paw Print

If you’re searching for a smaller, but still incredibly meaningful tattoo, then consider getting a paw print inked on your body. At first sight, they seem like simple designs, but these tattoos are also incredibly personal for the owner. They can symbolize a variety of things like a favorite pet, an individual character trait, or a representation of an entire culture. Pawprint tattoos are the perfect choice for many people.

The paw print of any kind of animal severs as a symbol of certain characteristics of that animal that you either possess within yourself or wish to embody. For instance, in many Native American cultures, people are linked with their totem animal, and the majority of them have paws that are perfect for tattooing.  In Native American culture, the association with the wolf is particularly evident since it is believed to be the first animal to have understood and experienced death, making it a symbol of the afterlife. Wolves are some of the most communicative and expressive animals and most protective parents.Paw Print

When it comes to a general sense, a paw prints on your body can signify that you are trying to move forward, accept change, and reach your goals in life. Having a series of paw prints along your foot can stand for your passion for running while tattooing a paw prints over a scar can demonstrate that you are overcoming that particularly painful time in your life.

Pawprints are also an excellent way for mothers and fathers to represent their children. Getting a single paw print for each child, along with their name or initial, makes both cute and meaningful design around a wrist or ankle – especially if the paw prints are cub-sized. If you wish to personalize the design further, your children can take part in the process by having each paw print be in the child’s favorite color.

Variations of Paw Print Tattoos

Dog Paw Print Tattoo Designs

The dog is considered as man’s best friend, getting dog paw prints tattooed for any devoted dog owner (or simply a dog lover), is a great way to express your love for this species. Dogs are viewed as loyal, friendly, playful, and outgoing, and that makes this tattoo suitable for anyone who exhibits these qualities themselves. If you wish for a more unique and personal design, you can add your dog’s name or initials tattooed around the paw print.

Cat Paw Print Tattoo Designs

If you consider yourself as a person who prefers feline company or simply admire the independence of most cats, then getting a cat paw print, or several paw prints is a perfect choice. This tattoo design is considered as delicate and feminine, and can either honor a beloved pet or symbolize one’s feline traits. Cats are famous for their unfriendliness and apparent indifference to others. However, they also have some admirable, often overlooked traits. For instance, domesticated cats can stay alive both indoors and outdoors, they are useful in catching mice and other rodents, and they can be loyal to their owners.

Lion Paw Design

Even though lions are hailed as the kings of the jungle, they live on savannahs. These graceful and elegant big cats are admired by many people due to their patience while hunting, fearsome roar, and their playful side. Although it is part of the cat family, the lion is much larger than its domesticated feline cousin, and that naturally means that a lion paw print tattoo will be bigger than that of a cat. You can also include claws in your lion paw print, just to be sure that it will not be mistaken for that of a house pet, and adding a crown to the top of the paw print would emphasize the animal’s regal status, which is perfect for the king (or queen) of any household.

Wolf Paw Design

Wolf paw print tattoos are extremely popular among people with Native American heritage or those who are only interested in Native American culture. These paw print tattoos are different from others in the sense that it will have claws, which is a clear indication of the fierce and strong nature of the wolf. One way to further embellish the design is to have the interior of the paw print done in a tribal design. This is one possible way to link the wolf paw print with a particular tribe or simply convey your taste. If you want to emphasize further the connection between the wolf and Native American culture, you can add a series of paw prints around wolf totem. If you do not wish to have a tattoo that is large or complex, you could instead incorporate the totem into the interior of the paw print itself.

Children’s Paw Design 

Getting paw print as a family tattoo that serves to honor your children is both a cute and fun way to keep them as part of you forever, long after they’ve left the family home and started their own homes with families. You can even ask them to give their impact to the design with their favorite animal or favorite color. These designs can be turned into a cute bracelet or anklet tattoo if you have several kids, or incorporate their paw prints into a heart tattoo to represent your never-ending love for them.


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