Toe Ring Tattoo Design: Cool Design On A “Bad” Position

Toe Ring Tattoo Design: Cool Design On A “Bad” Position

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Toe Ring

In the past few years, toe ring tattoos have become an increasingly popular way of beautifying the feet, along with shoes, sandals, anklets, and nail decor. However, wearing a traditional toe ring that is often made of silver or silver-plated, gold or gold plated is very uncomfortable no matter how trendy it looks. Toe ring tattoos represent the ultimate comfort in toe accessories and permanent tattoos that stay ready to display whenever you need, not only in summer but in winter, spring and fall too.

About Toe Ring Tattoos

So, maybe you are a person who loves accessorizing your toes due to how attractive they look, but if you don’t love wearing real toe rings? Perhaps the jewelry often doesn’t hold up well to foot traffic. It can be hard to clean them all the time, or maybe you just find them difficult to wear no matter how good they look. If you like how it looks, but you’d rather have it with a lot less complicated care, toe ring tattoos may be the answer to your dilemma. Below are the finer points of tattooing toes to decide if a tattoo in this location is worth the effort and expense.


Toe ring tattoos certainly have one thing going in their favor right from the beginning since they are convenient. Have you ever left home only to find out you forgot to put your ring on? A toe ring tattoo is with you 24 hours a day. The good part that you never have to worry about often makes it worth sitting through a tattooing session to have one. Furthermore, with such a tattoo, you can forget about cleaning your jewelry or losing it if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Your toe ring tattoo is with you as long as it lasts, which brings up the next point.

Fading of the Toe Ring tattoos

Everyone tattoo is different, but in the case of tattoos done on a toe isn’t likely to last as long as¬†tattoos on other body parts. It is true that you can expect to fade with other tattoos as well, but generally more on the toes. The reason for that is the skin that grows moist every time you’re wearing any footwear, and this leads to natural skin pealing. Anyone with a tattoo knows that aftercare is crucial to helping a tattoo set and heals. Taking care of a toe tattoo can be more difficult, bearing in mind that it isn’t always possible for your foot to be left open to the air.

Natural wear and tear cause difficulty in keeping the tattoo, particularly if your band goes all the way around your toe. Some tattoo enthusiasts decide just to have the design only around the top and sides of the toe without getting inked on the underside. Due to the fact that colors are also more prone to fading, so it’s often a good idea to choose black ink for your toe tattoo to last longer. There is always a good chance for you to go and have your tattoo touched up, but it is an added expense to think of.


Different from most body parts commonly tattooed, the toes are a bit more sensitive. This is exactly why sitting through a session with a tattoo machine can be more difficult to endure, and it can make the work of your tattoo artist harder if you have a tendency to flinch. Some tattoo enthusiasts report they found having a toe inked was more painful than other tattoos they’ve gotten. However, everything depends on the person getting tattooed since there are people who say they have gone through very little pain while having their feet tattooed. If you’re generally a person who can endure pain, toe ring ink might not make you wince any more than usual.

Foot Health

Before getting such a tattoo, the artist needs a clean, smooth surface to do his or her best work, and that is closely related to your skin as well as the foot health, which is paramount to making a toe tattoo last.

Choosing a Great Toe Ring Design

After everything being said about getting and maintaining toe ring ink, it’s time to talk about design ideas. There is one universal aspect nearly all toe ring tattoos have in common, stating that all designs need to be tiny in order to fit in the very limited piece of skin.Toe Ring

Flowers, Vines, Etc.

Women definitely can’t go wrong when choosing any number of floral themes for a toe ring tattoo. Vines look especially cute because they’re meant to twine around objects. Small daisies also look very cool when linked in a chain.

Toe Ring Geometrics

These designs look fabulous on both sexes. For instance, you can get two or three consecutive bands to wrap around a toe, or you could link small circles or triangles for a great effect. Stars, even though they are not exactly a single geometric shape, also make fantastic toe rings when chained together. A skillful tattoo artist can even create a herringbone chain link if that’s the design you’re looking for.

Tribal Designs

Miniature tribal designs, without doubt, make a very intriguing toe rings, and they look great on both men and women.

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