Rose Tattoo As An Important Symbol In The Tattoo World

Rose Tattoo As An Important Symbol In The Tattoo World

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Rose Tattoo

In the world of tattoo, symbolism is something that is widely practiced as an element. Each pattern, line, and detail of the tattoo tells a story about the individuality of the wearer. For tattoo enthusiasts, the whole process represents a platform through which they announce their independence of thought and perception of the world around them. The thing that makes the world of the tattoo so intriguing is that you actually control what happens there. Rose TattooThe possibilities are endless, and each tattoo design is unique and depends only on your desire. In the universe of tattoos, each symbol has a meaning that changes as the perception and thought for societies have changed over the decades. There is a massive difference in the meanings of the tattoo symbols in the past and what they stand for today. In this article, we are going to focus on the rose tattoo as an essential and meaningful symbol in the tattoo world and tattoo art.

Without question, the rose is an internationally popular flower, subject for poets and artists for decades, and has become a very popular tattoo symbol. For the most part, a rose represents a wealth of philosophy, carved into the skin and combined with your inner meaning that shines through. The rose symbolizes a lot of things.

First of all, since the existence of nature, the rose is popular as a symbol of love, mainly the red rose. A rose tattoo designed with vibrant red petals represents a deep and intense love for someone or something. However, a rose inked with its thorns means something completely different.  The meaning is again closely related to love, but the thorns stand for unhappy love that entails pain and sorrow. In Greek mythology, the rose flower represents the Goddess of beauty Aphrodite and her lover Adonis. As the legend says, Adonis was wounded by a boar, and after Aphrodite heard the news, she rushed to be with him but hurt herself in a thicket of brambles and red roses immediately bloomed on the bush. Moved by this sight, Zeus allowed Adonis to live, and from there, a red rose symbolizes rebirth and triumph of love over death.

Another symbol of the rose is Christianity. In the Christian religion, believers associate the rose flower with the Virgin Mary. From there, the rose symbolizes purity.

Nowadays, the rose flower is always associated with femininity.  This flower is associated with women, and this goes the same with rose tattoos. The reason behind this is probably the fact that the flower is beautiful and mesmerizing as the beauty of a gorgeous woman. In contrast to this, in the past, the rose from Persia symbolized masculinity. In ancient Persia, there were a lot of men that worn a rose design, and because of that ancient people in Persia believed that such flower symbolized a strong man.

In sailing time and maritime, the sailors used to get a rose inked on their bodies as a reminder of their mothers, girlfriends, or wives.

Furthermore, in the tarot, the rose stands as a symbol of balance. With its beauty, this flower represents a promise, home, and new beginnings, whereas a rose with thorns symbolizes defense and loss.

What the rose symbolizes can also be understood from the color of the petals. Therefore a yellow rose symbolizes mature love, joy, and protection of envy. A white rose symbolizes purity, mysticism, and secret admirer. As previously said, the red rose represents passionate love but also sacrifice and memorial. Pink roses symbolize innocence, first love, and healing. Blue roses are connected with the impossible. Black roses represent death but not necessarily in a morbid way and can carry a memorial message.

The shape of the rose also symbolizes different things. For instance, a tattoo with a fully bloom rose symbolizes that you are complete and that you have found your true self and identity. If you get a rosebud tattoo, your tattoo represents new beginnings and innocence in life. A rose tattoo with fallen off petals symbolizes loss or feeling of incompleteness.

How many roses you will get tattooed can also carry a symbolic meaning. A single rose represents independence, love, courage, and individuality. Two fully bloomed roses stand for the relationship of love and affection or might signify unity in the sense that your partner makes you complete. A single rose surrounded by small budding roses symbolizes your view to the future as an individual, whereas with two roses, a future with your loved one. A bouquet of roses symbolizes the involvement of several people in your life story. Furthermore, a bouquet of black roses symbolizes loss in the form of losing several important people in your life or a huge loss.

Today, these tattoo designs are trendy for both men and women and are commonly inscribed on the chest, arm, neck, finger, back, hip, ankle, wrist, leg, shoulder, etc. There is a whole range of possibilities of tattoo designs with roses and which one you are going to choose depends on you. Here are only some of the possible designs:

  • The rose with a butterfly– this gorgeous tattoo is very popular and symbolizes feminine beauty. This is a celebratory tattoo of womanhood and appreciation for females but not only chosen by women but also by men.
  • The skull and the rose- usually when the skull is added to a design it symbolizes death and loss. However, some tattoo artists believe that adding a skull to a rose tattoo symbolizes overcoming a difficulty or ability to bloom even in hard times in life. It can be done in several ways like for instance; a rose blooming from the skull or a rose holding the skull in its caress.
  • Cross and a rose- this type of tattoo can have a religious reference by symbolizing your relationship with Jesus that brings you back to life or the crucifixion giving you the opportunity to be saved.
  • The heart and a rose- one of the most romantic, rose tattoo designs. This can symbolize the birth of new love in your life.
  • The snake and a rose- this tattoo design can symbolize betrayal or end of a turbulent relationship. It can also express moving on with your life and freeing yourself from bad influence and energy.


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