The Witch Tattoo: Fascinating Design Through Centuries

The Witch Tattoo: Fascinating Design Through Centuries

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The Witch Tattoo

Since the past few years, the tattoo trend has been undergoing an exponential rise, with artists experimenting with all sorts of inking techniques and artworks on human skin. Witchcraft has fascinated cultures over centuries with its originality and mark of taboo, and that is the reason why it is a common theme in the world of tattoos. Witches as part of the witchcraft world and often depicted in tattoos. The witch tattoo design is typically a woman who practices black witchcraft, in most of the cases with the help of a demon or an animal familiar. Today, the term is also applied to a practitioner of Wicca, which is nature-centered and not demonic. In myth and symbolism, the witch is a woman of formidable power and magic, and she represents the transference of the darker and negative impulses to a specific character.

Best Witch Tattoos for Men and Women:

Wiccan Goddess Symbol Tattoo

This tattoo is perfect for those ladies who carry the Wiccan Goddess marks close to their heart and involves getting these spiritual marks inked onto your fingers in black ink. This not only gives a super witchy feel, but it also leaves you with a minimalistic mark of the Wicca right on your hands, the most important and powerful place of your body.

Cute Witch Tattoos

Of course, you can also go the sweet way with getting a pretty little Sabrina inked onto your skin in full colors. In this design, the witch can be dressed up in a little black dress, put on a witchy broom, and you have your own super cute witch tattoo.

Witch Hat Tattoo

For those who are a fan of the Harry Potter series and still secretly awaiting a letter from the Hogwarts Academy this is an excellent choice for showing off your fandom with a flying witch hat. In this design, it is crucial to get all details done right since the idea is to have it look trendy, not cartoon-tacky.

Evil Witch Face Tattoo Design:

This tattoo design represents going the horrible way of how witches used to be portrayed earlier and show your devotion to witchcraft and magic. This is a marvelous piece of artwork with a harmonious use of colors that lends a majestic look to the image. In this design, it seems as the witch has an eye on the house, and the horns add scarier look to the witch.

Witch Hand Tattoo Design

This design is popularly known as the sign of a witch’s blessing and protection from the evil eye and is perfect for the more involved with the witchcraft art. The tattoo or symbol is formed by the first and second fingers, along with the thumb pointing upwards, with the other two pointing downwards.

Magical Broom Stick Tattoo Idea

Even if you love witchy tattoos, you are not restricted to go for pure black ink only. You can add a color burst to your tattoo with this gorgeously glittery broomstick tattoo design, done up just for a bright-hearted witchcraft-lover. Other colorful witchy symbols can surround this tattoo, and you’re ready to go.

Flying Witch Tattoo Design

If you want to join the witchy club, one way to do it is by endorsing the witch on her magic broomstick flying out towards the moon on your arm. Embellish the tattoo with a soft cover of clouds and fog, and add a few stars here and there for that perfect witchy look.

Black and Gray Witch Tattoo

This is another design from the macabre; the beauty of this one is all in the delicate details. This design includes a witch with such perfect strands of hair, and pearl chains swinging in her graceful neck.

Witch Hat and Broomstick Tattoo

This tattoo is an improvised version of the cross and hat symbol, and this look revolves around incorporating trendy witchcraft elements for a super cool look to your arm. You can add to it a twist of highlights and shades to end up with a witchy tattoo everybody around will be envious of.

Green Ink Witch Tattoo DesignThe Witch Tattoo

This design includes the most daunting and frightening look of a witch that has been inked with green color, portrayed with a long hooked nose and big green eyes that add scarier look to the image.

Witches have been accused of lust and business with the devil himself, called many evil things, and have been feared for centuries. But finally, people have given up on the baseless accusations and have accepted witchcraft and paganism as a unique form of religion. For those individuals who genuinely believe in the strength and spiritual power of the witchcraft, or even those who fall in love with the magical symbols and their hidden meanings beneath, getting a witch tattoo might be one of the best ideas to express your devotion to the culture.

Witch tattoos are worn by both men and women and can be laid on any part of the body as per the depicter choice. A witch tattoo can also be outlined in many styles, patterns, and sizes, and you can sketch the way with appeals to your heat and eyes and add more fresh looks to your personal.

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