Eight Unusual Tattoo Designs, Meanings And Symbolism (part 2)

Eight Unusual Tattoo Designs, Meanings And Symbolism (part 2)

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If you are thinking about getting inked, keep reading. More than 45 million Americans have tattoos, while one in three young Britons has a tattoo. With the number of tattoo lovers growing every day, it is getting increasingly hard to find unique and authentic tattoo designs. It is difficult to find a design that is going to save you from thinking who wore it before you.

If you are thinking about an old school tattoo, you can expect this: beautiful roses, skulls, ships, swallows, or other designs. In the last several years, you probably saw some new, enticing trends emerge and win over the hearts of a lot of tattoo artists. But, not just tattoo artists; they won the hearts of tattoo lovers and seekers too. Such new trends in tattoo designs are watercolor, geometric, and botanical tattoos, and most notably, quotes.

 The most frequent reasons why many people decide to get tattoos are:

  • To honor a loved one;
  • To make a fashion statement or stand out;
  • To express themselves;
  • Affiliation with some specific group, and so on.

Regardless of what the reason for getting a tattoo is, there are some unusual tattoo designs, which we will present to you here.

They are the following designs:

  • Fireworks

Fireworks usually have their association with celebration, especially public celebrations of significant events. The original development of firework was as military rockets by the ancient Chinese people. However, nowadays they form part of celebrations which mark not only victory but also peace. Tattoo art capitalizes on these types of displays using colors combined with an arrangement that suggests the same jubilant atmosphere.

  • Firefighter

A lot of firefighter tattoos use the cross of the firefighter as a backdrop. They do that regardless of the central image, which could be a fire hydrant, a well-muscled Dalmatian, or a unique domed hat. Moreover, the curved and rose-like form is another version of the Maltese cross. The association between these two comes from one story. The story is about Saracen defenders of Jerusalem who used firebombs filled with naphtha, a flammable liquid. This liquid caused injuries and heavy losses on the crusaders, who then retreated to the island of Malta. This brave effort of the knights to rescue their brothers from the enemy fires created the association between their symbol and the firefighter.

Even though Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, had the ability to fly. Also, the Wicked Witch of the West could send an army of them against Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Most references to a flying monkey, in tattoos or otherwise, utilize it as an example of something impossible to happen.

  • Flying saucerDesigns

Even though the alien is a more popular symbol than the flying saucer, both of them find their uses in tattoo art in order to represent something extraterrestrial. AlsoU.F.O.sled UFOs or undefined flying objects, certain groups made them the focus of virtual cult status. They believe that they contain beings that have advanced intelligence, from some other planets, and visit our planet for several reasons. These reasons depend on their group. Flying saucers symbolize government conspiracy to prevent the population from learning about visitors from other planets. It also symbolizes secret government projects.

  • Fool

The fool, unlike some other major arcana of the tarot, has no number. He exists beyond the bounds of a normal human group; hence, it is an outsider. He wears the cap of the Jester but also carries a traveling pouch. This pouch is somehow empty, as of the role the fool plays. Tattoo art, just like tarot art, portrays the fool in myriad ways. However, these basic accouterments seem to always accompany him.

  • Fraternity

The Greek-letter societies, which are the best known, are the fraternities, for men, and sororities, for women, of college campuses. The society “house” is the center of social activities, and its main purpose is to furnish communal and cost-effective living. Their popularity varies on different campuses, while their ranks rise and fall over time. However, they remain a long-standing tradition. One of the leading honorary societies nowadays is Phi Beta Kappa. However, it first started as a social fraternity in William and Mary College, in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1776. A lot of fraternity and sorority members mark their membership and group identity with tattoos of one or more Greek letters. Still, others are using branding – burning the letters into the flesh – as a variant in the rites of body modification.

The frog symbol, in the Pacific Northwest art of the Haida, is a crest of the Eagle moiety. Also, people believe that it brings good luck. In those times, the people gutted the frogs and pounded their flash, rolling it into balls, which then they boiled. They believed that when they eat these frog balls, they bring them F.T.Wh.

  • F.T.W.

The three F.T.W.s F.T.W. is the abbreviation for “fuck the world,” which is an oft-used acronym and motto among bikers. This motto also appears regularly in their tattoos since the 1960s. However, this tattoo appears on people from every walk of life nowadays. But, a more profound interpretation sees this motto as the symbol of dissatisfaction with this world or the mainstream culture. This is something that bikers from the 60s rejected. They did that in favor of making rules and transforming their time on motorcycles into a life on the road.

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