The Spiritual Meaning Behind The Number 666 Design

The Spiritual Meaning Behind The Number 666 Design

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People around the world are familiar with the symbolic meaning behind the infamous number 666, which is rather cryptically referred to as the “number of the beast” in the New Testament, and in recent times has become known as the number of the Antichrist. The number 666 is directly associated with the devil, Satan, and at the same time with death. The filmmakers even graphically revealed this representation in the movie “The Omen.” The number 666 has gotten a bad reputation over the centuries due to its mention in the Biblical Book of Revelations as the ‘Number of the Beast.’ There is no explanation ever given in the Bible for why this number is associated with the Devil, the Apocalypse, and the Anti-Christ.

The spiritual meaning behind the number 666:

There are few numbers that are as misunderstood as the number 666. The association of this number with the embodiment of evil in the world is far from what Numerology has to say about it. In Numerology, when we want to find the hidden meaning of a multi-digit number, we reduce it to the vibration essence of a single digit by adding all of the individual digits up until we have only a single digit:

6 + 6 + 6 = 18; 1 + 8 = 9

This means that the vibration or energetic essence of 666 is 9. The number 9 is associated with tolerance, philanthropy, compassion, and idealism, all values that we would generally associate with the home and the hearth, where we all feel most loved and cared for. From here, when you see number 666 appear in your experience, again and again, please do not see it as an ill-omen or the harbinger of bad news. The vibration essence of 666 is compassion, tolerance, idealism, and philanthropy. Therefore, seeing 666 frequently appearing in your experience could be interpreted as a reminder from your innermost self, the angels, or source energy that you would benefit from being a bit more compassionate or tolerant in whatever situation you are in.

The symbolic meaning behind the tattoo with the number 666:

The fact that numbers do not change and are a consistent language in which individuals may use to express themselves is probably the reason behind the growing tendency why people decide to get a number(s) tattoo. There is no better self-expression than a tattoo. Many people get many tattoos for different reasons, most of which are very personal and meaningful to the tattoo wearer. Sometimes the meaning is obvious. Other times, no one but the wearer will know what the numbers mean. As with any different number, number 666 has its symbolic meaning, mainly related to its religious significance.

  • If we take into consideration the books and “The Omen” movies, information about the connection of number 666 and the devil is disclosed in “Revelation.” In reality, in the Bible, the number 666 is compared with the wisdom and the recognized number of the person or animal. The negative value of 666 Tattoos is individually interpreted depending on each design.
  • Some individuals connect the figure with the second coming of Jesus Christ, who will come back to fight the apostates from the faith and will be marked by this number on the body.
  • Tattoo 666 also stands for wisdom, prosperity, and knowledge.

People who decide to get such a tattoo design with the number 666 are considered to have an active temperament, are cheerful, win the attention of the people around them, and eventually become the universal favorite. This is a type of tattoo design in most cases chosen by men, but there are also women who are impressed and interested in getting such a design. His tattoo is almost always done with black and grey ink and a lot of details. There are some tattoo designs with the number 666 combined with other elements such as skull, crosshorns, etc. Tattoo artists can place this tattoo design at any part of the body, and it all depends on the owner’s wish. However, tattoo 666 positioned at a prominent place may attract you since it is surrounded by mystery and controversy. It is worth mentioning that the value of the tattoo depends on the investment of personal meaning.

In any case, it is imperative and necessary to be careful with the number around which there are so many myths and contradictions. Having a tattoo design on the body with the number 666 can be faced with condemnation on the part of people who believe in the connection of this number with the devil himself. Many prejudices and superstitions that are transcribed to this number can have a psychological impact on the owner of the tattoo.

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