Scroll Tattoo Design Ideas, Meanings And Symbolism

Scroll Tattoo Design Ideas, Meanings And Symbolism

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Scroll Tattoo

Nowadays, decorating your own body with tattoos is very fashionable and stylish. A talented tattoo artist is capable of drawing any image on the human body. But above everything, the most important thing is that the tattoo should carry a certain sense, meaning, and perhaps the whole message to others. Scroll Tattoo designs are a perfect choice for coping with this task. This tattoo will look good on both female and male bodies. As for the design, then it all depends on the imagination of its owner.

One great thing about scroll tattoo design is that this body art is made for customization and remodeling. If you want an exceptional art tattoo design that is unique and like one no one else has, this is the design for you. Another outstanding quality of the scroll art tattoo is that you can enhance any scroll with rich, meaningful text. Scrolls possess some of the most unique and essential roles in human history. With a scroll design, you can continue this legacy of communicating powerful messages without having to speak a word verbally. More than most of body art designs, the scroll is suitable for any tattoo body location.

Scroll tattoos can be used as a means of giving form to text and lettering in a tattoo design. Instead of letting tattooed words just drift on your skin, without a frame, a scroll (which looks like a piece of rolled parchment) gives the tattooed text design a beautiful setting and base. It is just like having an unused piece of paper and writing what you wish. For instance, you could ink your family member’s names, favorite quotes or phrases, or a particular date. So what do you want to say? What is essential for you? That is the vital part that is left. You should think about what is meaningful to your life. There is a whole range of possibilities like a parent, sibling, close friend, partner, or someone important and significant. This is the perfect art design to work with if you’re interested in a meaningful tattoo.

What do scrolls symbolize?

The scroll, on its own, has no specific meaning. It is like only having a blank piece of paper. However, the meaning depends on what you write on it. Scrolls go back to ancient Egypt, and they could be found in most literate cultures that existed thereafter. They even preceded bound books and were the format first used for longer documents written in ink or paint. Clay tablets could also be used, but scrolls were much fancier. Only the most critical words were maintained this way, so they are the perfect framework for your most important words, thoughts, and beliefs. Some symbols and elements can be added to your design and give it meaning. There are endless possibilities since any element or symbol can be added. If your scroll portrays hearts, it may symbolize love, passion, or desire. If it includes a cross, it may represent your faith, religion, or God.

The scroll, which resembles a white, horizontally flowing ribbon, in tattoo artwork symbolizes the presence of an important message. Scroll tattoo designs across, under, or above typically convey messages such as “Not Forgotten,” “Mom,” “Death before dishonor,” personal names, initials, or dates, to name but a few.

 Ideas for scroll tattoo designs:

There is a whole range of ideas that you can use for a scroll tattoo. It only depends on what kind of message you want to convey. For example, you can add:

  • Family names- either first name or surname.
  • Dates like birth dates or any other important date in your life.
  • Religious quotes- any word, name, or phrase that is spiritually important for you.
  • Memorial / Remembrance or any symbol that represents your memory: religious icons, flowers, praying hands, portraits, etc.
  • Phrase- the lyrics of a song, a quote from a book, a line of great dialogue, a life motto.
  • Inspirational- dove, crucifix, angels, etc.

One prevalent example of a modern scroll-style tattoo is the one Angelina Jolie wears on her back, which

Scroll Tattooalthough not enclosed in the usual scroll framework, the design includes a Tibetan blessing that holds significant personal meaning for the actress.

Design ideas for scroll tattoos:

When it comes to scrolling tattoo designs, anything can be done. It represents one of the few tattoos that are truly versatile. You can even incorporate any symbol that feels appropriate. It is a perfect tattoo if you are religious, and you want to add symbols that represent your faith. If you are Irish, you can consider adding four-leaf clovers or Celtic art. If you are a sailor or fisherman, scrolls that include an anchor or swallow is perfect for you. It is imperative for you to determine the right font carefully. Do you wish it to look handwritten or machine-made, script, or typewritten? Do you desire a lively font or something more serious? Do you want the tattoo to be all with black ink, or would you prefer some color? Some individuals prefer cursive, some like Gothic or Old English writing; Japanese and Chinese characters are also used.

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